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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2013-Leseprobe

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The Magic Valley at
Late this past April, Dutch amusement
park Toverland opened a new four
hectare theme area called "De
Magische Vallei" ­ The Magic Valley.
Eight new attractions are framed here
by 60,000 plants, elaborate boulder
formations and waterfalls. Originally
starting as a purely indoor amusement
park, in recent years Toverland has
made huge leaps and now has far more
outdoor space than in its two massive
indoor halls. This expansion represents
a continuation of park owner Jean
Gelissen's vision to make Toverland
a tourist destination for any kind of
The main attractions in the new area
are the Mack Rides "Dwervelwind"
spinning coaster which went into
operation in September of 2012 (cp.
EAP 6/2012) and the "Djengu River"
river raft ride from Hafema.
Dwervelwind is the park's fourth
rollercoaster, and with its rotating
gondolas it provides a perfect
alternative to Toverland's other
coasters. On Djengu River things get
wet and wild! A nine meter high, 25
meter wide waterfall runs left and
right on the large rock walls of the
entrance. Ten boats for up to nine
persons each journey along the 430
meter long canal covering a height
difference of 4.3 meters. In addition
to rapids, six waterfalls and a water
curtain ensure soaking wet fun at all

times. The ride takes more than three
minutes during which passengers get a
glimpse of some of the "inhabitants" of
the Magic Valley: the Dwervels, built by
Themebuilders and Lagotronics.
At the rear of the Magic Valley,
Metallbau Emmeln has installed
"Tolly Molly". This wonderfully
decorated water carousel features eight
gondolas, each providing space for two
passengers and designed in the likeness
of mythical water creatures. The young
Dwervel girl Molly stands in the middle
supervising the water creatures and
encouraging visitors to enjoy a few
leisurely rounds with swaying waving
Right next to the water carousel
there is a large climbing castle from
Eibe. Heege Freizeittechnik was
commissioned with the construction of a
"tower" ("Coco Bolo"). The new "Kids
Survival" balancing obstacle course
was built by VelopA-Omniplay and
consists of wobbly bridges and wooden
logs running over small streams to
challenge youngsters' sense of balance.
Dutch firm Sidijk
additionally supplied an
air cushion.
The mixture of
attractions in the
Magic Valley clearly
reemphasizes Toverland's commitment to

Cybernetic Fountains
beweisen, dass auch auf
geringer Grundfläche und mit
kleinerem Budget eindrucksvolle Wassershows realisiert
werden können.

12 EuroAmusement Professional 4/2013

Ein angenehm gemütliches Fahrgeschäft für
Eltern mit kleineren Kindern ist Tolly-Molly.

appeal to the entire family as its target
group. This is additionally underscored
by the impressive visuals. Thanks to
2,800 tons of genuine boulders and
rocks along with 2,500 square meters
of artificial boulders and decorative
elements, the landscape design from
TAA is unmistakably an eyecatcher.
Jean Gelissen also commissioned the
production of a Toverland soundtrack
from the music specialists at IMAscore.
Over 160 minutes of music were
produced for the attractions and
as atmospheric sounds designed to
immerse visitors in an authentic fantasy
world. And the music makes another
important contribution to the "Katara ­
Fountain of Magic" water show. Three
to five times each day, 136 fountains
put on an enchanting and playful water
presentation. This spectacle was a joint
effort between Watergames & More
and Ghesa Fuentes, the Spanish water
fountain experts. And Lagotronics, with
its company headquarters only a stone's
throw away from Toverland, has been
assigned with looking after the Magic
Valley's sound and lighting effects.
A total of 14 million Euros was invested
in the attractions and the extravagant
design and theme of the entire area.
This is a huge chunk of money for
an amusement park that welcomes
around 500,000 visitors each year.
With the help of new features like the
recently added "De Toverzolder"
magic show which was developed by
Jora Entertainment, Toverland Park
Managers Caroline Maessen and Pieter
Cornelis are hoping to register 600,000
visitors to Toverland for the first time
ever in 2013.

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