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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2013-Leseprobe

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EWA Summer Meeting 2013
In the footsteps of the ancient Romans...
This past June 6th through 8th at
the three-nation border area where
Germany, Luxemburg and France
meet, the participants of this year's
Summer Meeting of the European
Waterpark Association (EWA) covered
everything from ancient Roman bath
and spa culture to the very latest in
European recreational and adventure

Das köstliche Ende eines unterhaltsamen
Abends im römischen Hause ...

swimming and bathing complexes.
104 participants from six European
countries began their study excursion
from Trier, Germany to Luxemburg.
There they were greeted at the Centre
Culturel Paul Barblé in the city of
Strassen by Gaston Greiveldinger,
President of the "Syndicat intercommunal" organization, representing
the towns of Strassen and Bertrange.
The attendees were treated to a
presentation of the concept and
particularities of the Les Thermes
complex in Strassen by its Director

Jutta Kleiber and its architect Axel
Christmann. This extraordinary
recreational and swimming complex was
the recipient of the EWA Professional
Award in 2010 (cp. EAP 1/2011).
Les Thermes in Strassen had a total
investment volume of 37 million Euros
and started in 2009 with attendance
figures of 245,000
visitors. By 2012
this figure had
increased to 368,000
guests, a clear sign
of just how well the
architecture and
design of this unique
recreational bathing
facility has been
received by visitors.
But according to
Director Jutta
Kleiber, the goal
of Les Thermes to
run on a break-even
basis still remains
to be achieved.
The EWA guests
were impressed
during their visit by the facility's
uniquely contemporary architecture
and consistent design. In the evening,
the food and special atmosphere of Les
Thermes' outstanding theme restaurant
was enjoyed and appreciated by all.
The second day of the Summer Meeting
began with the EWA professionals
visiting Center Parcs Les Trois Forêt in
Hattigny, France, located 73 km from
Nancy and some 100 km from Strasbourg
(read more on this in EAP 4/2010).
At present, Center Parcs operates 21
"Aqua Mundo" facilities, as the water

Les Thermes in Strassen-Bertrange war eine
der Stationen auf der diesjährigen EWASommertour.

parks located in the center of its parks
are called. There are five Aqua Mundo
operations in Germany, nine in the
Netherlands, three in Belgium and four
in France, all outfitted with the best
features any water park could wish
for including wave pools, whitewater
chutes, water slides and rapids. The
Aqua Mundo parks each have an
average of 1.5 million liters of water, so
Center Parcs is particularly exacting
when it comes to water quality and
energy efficiency. The water quality in
the Aqua Mundo pools is checked every
five seconds by computer at different
locations, and it is a matter of course for
Center Parcs that the water is inspected
several times a day for the chlorine
levels, temperature and the level of
acidity. Efficient water management
plays an equally important role. The
water from Aqua Mundo outdoor pools
is stored in buffer tanks at night to
minimize cooling.
The EWA Summer Meeting attendees
were treated to a special cultural and
history-related event at the Roman Villa
Borg in Germany's Perl-Borg region.
This reconstructed second-century
Roman estate made a big impression on
the industry professionals. They were
equally impressed by their tour guide,
the Roman "house slave" Jatros, who
presented the guests with a dynamic and
convincing portrayal of life, love and
bathing culture during the Roman era.
This year's EWA Summer Meeting
tour was rounded out by a thematic
tour for the participants through
Trier's Kaiserthermen Roman baths,
with added historic insights provided
by a viewing of Trier's antique
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