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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2013-Leseprobe

Seite 31 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2013-LeseprobeEntertainment

Ein 7.000 Quadratmeter großer Hochseilgarten in
der ,,Welt der Bewegung" bietet Kletterfans die
Möglichkeit, ihr Geschick unter Beweis zu stellen.

consisting of 5,000 square meters.
Guests starting their tour at the main
entrance first pass through the "World
of Ports", featuring 15 box-shaped
garden renditions of port cities including
Hamburg, London, Dover, Calcutta,
Hong Kong and San Francisco. The next
stop then is the "World of Water", where
visitors can marvel at the 18 gardens
depicting the world's water-rich and
water-poor regions.
The "World of Cultural Diversity"
submerges guests in foreign ethnic
environments, traditions and customs.
The 16 gardens in the "World of
Continents" acquaint visitors with t
he different gardening cultures on
the world's inhabited continents. At
the show's western entrance, one finds
the "World of Religions" highlighting
the world's five biggest religions:
Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam
and Judaism.
The "World of Nature" presents five
gardens featuring utopian, visionary
ideas for future natural landscapes,

In der Blumenhalle am Haupteingang des igsGeländes werden während des sechsmonatigen
Events über 20 wechselnde Blumenausstellungen
Über dem Jungen, der gerade
im Gartenzirkus spielt, rauscht die Monorail,
die so genannte Gartenschaubahn vorbei.

such as gardening on Mars! The "World
of Activity" theme area is sure to appeal
to visitors looking for more playful or
sporting action at the igs. The igs site
can also be explored on the show's
monorail system, supplied by Intamin
Bahntechnik und Betriebsgesellschaft
mbh. The monorail takes passengers on a
3.4 kilometer long round-trip journey at a
height of up to six meters above the site.

Play & movement
at the igs 2013
In addition to the flower and garden
presentation, the igs 2013 also boasts
numerous educational and cultural
events and features a wealth of play and
athletic opportunities for young and old.
In the eleven gardens at the "World of
Activity", contenders can play "Minigolf
Around the World" to "conquer"
locations throughout the globe. Known
as a "Dymaxion" golf course, the
facility is a mini-golf course with a world
map projected
onto its surface.
Other activityrelated features
include an "Aqua
Soccer" pitch,
a garden circus

Außergewöhnliche und
visionäre Gartenideen
sind in dem Erlebnisbereich ,,Naturwelten"
zu finden ­ hier
z.B. ,,Gärtnern auf
dem Mars".

and a balancing obstacle course, along
with a 7,000 square meter high-wire
garden from HanseRock built by the firm
hochkant in cooperation with Bielefeld,
Germany's Schattenspringer GmbH. One
of the gardening show's main attractions
is the Nordwandhalle, opened originally
in 2012 and offering visitors top
climbing fun with 16 meter high climbing
walls. The hall's glass façade is as high
as the building itself and can be opened
during good weather to give visitors
a real outdoor feeling. There is also a
skater park facility of some 1,500 square
meters for youngsters to enjoy, along
with a total of five creatively designed
playgrounds on the gardening show site.
The new Schwimmhalle Inselpark indoor
pool complex located directly at the main
entrance to the park site celebrated its
opening this past spring (cp. Pg. 58).

In the heart of "New
Wilhelmsburger Mitte"
The investment volume for the igs 2013
is cited at some 70 million Euros, of
which around 35 million Euros was
invested in landscape gardening measures such as the 11,200 square meter
alternating floral space housing 200,000
springtime bloomers and 180,000 summer flowers. The show's organizers anticipate some 2.5 million visitors. When
the garden exhibition is over, the new
"Wilhelmsburger Inselpark", the new
park on the island hosting the igs, will be
open to visitors free of charge as a contemporary 21st century public park. The
igs 2013 is working together with the
internationally-acclaimed construction
exhibition Internationale Bau Ausstellung Hamburg (IBA), which is being held
at the same time, to convert this former
abandoned wasteland into a new district
of Hamburg.
EuroAmusement Professional 4/2013


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