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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2013-Leseprobe

Seite 21 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2013-LeseprobeParks
Zierer swing ride is of course a must at
Vialand. The "Fatih in Rüysai" dark ride
was also designed by Heimotion. This
historic attraction is not yet finished, but
will feature more than 100 figures from
Heimotion when the work is complete.
The final theme area, "Macera Dünyasi"
("Adventure Zone"), is where most of
the park's larger ride attractions can be
found. Intamin was responsible for building the Spillwater "Viking", while TAA
conducted the theming work. The Viking
has two separate departures at different
heights of 10 and 15 meters. Intamin
also supplied the 420 meter long "Cilgin
Nehir" rapid river ride, as well as the
"Maceraperest" family rollercoaster.
The 30 meter tall Star Shape from Zierer
also makes a striking impression and
bears the simple name, "360". Huss supplied another model of its "King Kong"
attraction, which created quite a stir in
the ad campaign for the opening of the
amusement park.The campaign's video
spot depicted King Kong raging through
the streets of Istanbul.

ride is filled with an assortment of horror
scenes and shock elements. Heimotion
conducted the conception and execution
of this attraction, equipping the ride with
29 animatronics.
In October, this extensive portfolio of
attractions will be further expanded
to include the 660 meter long Intamin
"Nefeskesen" LIM coaster. Its trains
reach speeds of up to 110 km/h and roar
up a 27 meter tall top hat. Located in the
top section of the park's terraced layout,
this rollercoaster is set to dominate the
Vialand skyline and be visible from far
away. A Lo-Q Fast Pass system is also
planned to reduce the waiting times at
several attractions for those guests willing to pay the accompanying surcharge.
Ein hoher Turm verdeckt mit Ausnahme der
Spitze den von Fabbri errichteten Freifallturm.

A Simworx 4D cinema alternates
showings of the nWave film "Pirate
Story" and the Red Star film "Robin
Hood". Zierer's "Jet Ski" is a genuine
magnet for spectators and passengers
alike, and it remains one of the few true
water carousels on the market today.
The two dark rides "Safari Tüneli" and
"Zindan" are somewhat unfortunately
located directly next to one another on
the lowest level of the amusement park.

a reality, ETF partnered with P&P
Projects on the storyline, decorations
and animatronics, with Alterface
assuming the duties for creating
the interactive effects and 3D video
screens. This represents Alterface's first
venture into having content in 3D films
generated in real time with no prior
computing. Seven induction-guided
"Mystic Mover" vehicles proceed along
the roughly 100 meter long course,
passing by four scenes with 3D videos.
The Mystic Movers stop briefly in front
of the video screens, facilitating a longer
storyline, a longer ride and more bull'seyes for the passengers.

The general contractor for the safari
theme ride was ETF. To make this
interactive mixed media attraction

"Zindan" is a ghost train running along
a 130 meter stretch with inductionguided ETF Mystic Movers. The chilling

Turkish media reports that the resort is
welcoming approximately 57,000 visitors
on a weekly basis since it opened. A
5-star theme hotel with 250 rooms and
12 suites is scheduled to open already in
2014, allowing guests to enjoy the resort
for days at a time.
No question about it: Amusement parks
are trending in Turkey, and that's good
news for the leisure industry. But there
is also a danger here of setbacks and
projects that prove to be unfeasible. It
remains to be seen whether the Vialand
amusement park can really generate the
anticipated "more than three million
visitors" annually. It is also unclear yet
whether the Vialand Resort can actually
act as the sole source for the forecast
increase of 15 percent p.a. in Turkish
and international tourists in Istanbul.
The resort's investors would certainly
welcome it!

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EuroAmusement Professional 5/2013


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