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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2013-Leseprobe

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Neben 15 unterschiedlichen Rutschenerlebnissen gibt es auch jede Menge Gelegenheiten, um einfach
nur mal zu entspannen.

Splash! In der grünen Freifallrutsche
geht es aus zehn Metern Höhe in wenigen
Sekunden hinab ins Auslaufbecken.

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn:

A colorful slide paradise

A Slide Park within
an Amusement Park
The story of the Avonturenpark
Hellendoorn family park began in 1936
when Jan van den Berg Sr. opened
the "Ons Ideaal" tea house with an
adjacent playground in the Dutch town
of Hellendoorn, located in the province
of Overijssel near the German border.
After World War II, another attraction
was opened for the ever-growing
number of visitors: the "Doolhof", a
classic hedge labyrinth. In the 1950s,
a fairy-tales garden with speaking
animatronics was added.
In 1978, Van den Berg's three sons
took over the management of the park
and expanded the size of the site by
purchasing additional land. With an
array of contemporary new attractions
increasing the appeal of the family
park, the same year saw it christened
with the new name it still retains today:
Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. In 1982
the park opened a log flume ride that
raised its profile to national prominence
in the Netherlands. A few years later
the first rollercoaster arrived, and
by the start of the 90s another two
rollercoasters were added.
After all the years as a family-run
operation, the park was sold for the first
time in 1998 to Leisureplan BV. Only
three years later it was taken over by
French operator group Grévin & Cie.
In 2011 the park's 75th anniversary, it
was purchased by France's Looping
58 EuroAmusement Professional 5/2013

Group. Only founded back in 2011, by
H.I.G. Capital France in partership
with CEO Laurent Bruloy, Looping
meanwhile operates another eight
parks in Europe in addition to
Avonturenpark Hellendoorn: Parc
Bagatelle, Aquarium de Saint-Malo,
Cobac Parc, Parc Mini-Châteaux
and Grand Aquarium de Touraine
(all in France), Aquaparc Le Bouveret
(Switzerland), Pleasurewood Hills
(Great Britain), and Isla Magica
New features added at Hellendoorn
in recent years include the "Excalibur"
stunt show which premiered in 2010
and the "Tarantula Magica", a Huss
Enterprise ride that opened in 2012.
Visitors to Avonturenpark Hellendoorn
today can enjoy more than 30
attractions and shows.

Watery fun at an
amusement park
Hellendoorn's visitors have also been
treated to a new attraction in 2013,
which opened to the public in July.
Avonturenpark Hellendoorn General
Manager Lyan van den Bosch explained
to EAP, "We started collecting ideas
for a new attraction for 2013 in the
spring of 2012. One of the ideas of
Laurent Bruloy was to open a slide
park after the concept of Cobac Parc
in France ...".
Now occupying a 5,000 square meter
site, the new outdoor slide park has
opened as "Aquaventura".

Sandy beach areas, palm trees, recliners
and umbrellas lend a Caribbean
touch to the overall atmosphere.
Hellendoorn's new slide park features
a total of 15 slides, one of which is
equipped with four parallel lanes
and another combining two different
types of slides. All in all, the park's
investment constituted over three
million Euros. A children's play area
furnished with a variety of different
water play figures was also installed
for young children.
But what you won't find are other
swimming pools! When asked what was
behind the decision to go exclusively
with slides outside of the kids' area,
Lyan Van den Bosch responded by
commenting, "Almost every city in the
area offers an outdoor swimming pool,
but without slides".
Founded in 1976 in Istanbul, Turkey,
Polin Waterparks & Pool Systems
supplied the attractions for the slide
park, installing four slide towers on
the refurbished area which is a little
smaller than a soccer pitch.
The "Wacky Wave", a boomerang or
wave slide that starts at a height of ten
meters, promises plenty of excitement
and fun. Sliders drop in single or
double-tubes at speeds of up to 44
km/h down a steep incline before the
tubes reach the bucket and oscillate to
a gradual stop. Four more attractions
start from this slide tower, which is
located more or less in the center of the

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