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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2013-Leseprobe

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there are also a few mixed concepts
found around the world today. Prime
examples include Busch Gardens
Tampa or the SeaWorld parks in
Orlando and San Diego. Taking their
lead from the Animal Kingdom they
also feature rides, shows and animal
presentations in a cleverly themed
This year witnessed the addition of yet
another zoo attraction with an unusual
and appealing adventure concept. The
unique "Lost Valley" safari attraction
opened this past April at Everland in
South Korea. The Samsung Everland
Resort in Yongin City is South Korea's
largest theme park, and according to
the TEA/AECOM Global Attractions
Report it ranks as the world's 12th
largest theme park hosting 6.6 million
visitors each year. This park is home to
large-scale ride attractions including
the Intamin "T Express" wooden
rollercoaster which went into operation
in 2008, as well as a zoo and the
Caribbean Bay water park. The resort
is operated by Samsung Everland, a
subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

experience in focus
Berlin-based creative agency dan
pearlman came out on top in the
bidding among six international
agencies with its Lost Valley concept
over two years ago, and has brought
its vision of this special destination
to life. The unique challenge for
the dan pearlman architects and
landscape designers was to create a
comprehensive safari experience on a
site covering 63,000 square meters, all
connected by a sophisticated transport
system and featuring a diversified
animal environment providing a
72 EuroAmusement Professional 6/2013

compatible, authentic home for each
species. The top priority for the
operators was to put in the investment
necessary to significantly increase the
park's attendance figures up to ten
million guests each year by 2020. With
the visitor experience in focus, the aim
was to create something truly unique
with a captivating legend transporting
guests deep into the Lost Valley and
appealing to and involving each one
at a personal level. The corresponding
legend from dan pearlman forms the
basis for the overall realization of the
Lost Valley and is additionally reflected
in all the park's other areas.
dan pearlman creative chief Kieran
Stanley explains, "With the natural
form of the site and the planned
biodiversity, we quickly realized that
a classic theme world wouldn't do the
job here. Instead, the solution had to
include the creation of a completely
new, fictitious location taking full
advantage of the local topographical
conditions. At the same time we had to
make it look like the valley has been
there forever...as if only a few people
had ever had the opportunity to explore
it up to now".

The landscape architecture
A classic approach dividing the site
into categories such as "Climate" or
"Region" was intentionally waived in

favor of designing three different
zones. The "Dry Savannah" provides
a habitat for hoofed animals from all
over the world. The "Wet Savannah"
gives visitors a realistic insight
into how carnivores and herbivores
cohabitate with one another. The
"Bamboo Forest" is home to Asian
elephants that live and work together
with the people of the valley. Each area
is distinguished by its own different
animal species, plant life and design
Geological formations and their own
specific colorations were researched
to guarantee that the design of the
boulder formations is authentic and
natural looking. Contours, for instance
of an elephant's head or a rhinoceros
figure, have also been worked into the
decorative rock work ­ the "Spirits of
the Lost Valley".

The legend
The legend goes that animals and
humans have lived together peacefully
side by side in prehistory. But once
Homo sapiens discovered hunting, the
animals fled to a faraway place for
refuge: the Lost Valley. Once humans
finally understood the ramifications
of what they had done, they went in
search of the animals to apologize and
to coexist with them peacefully from
then on. The spirits of the white lion

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