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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2014-Leseprobe

Seite 12 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2014-LeseprobeParks
launch coaster that had enjoyed so
much success at Germany's EuropaPark since 2009. The decision was then
made that Liseberg should also get a
unique new record-breaking attraction.
Andersen explains, "We have attempted
to integrate as many elements as
possible into the course of the ride."
Working together with the engineers
from Mack Rides, Liseberg's decisionmakers and technicians developed a
ride that is extraordinary thanks to
its combination of height, speed,
descents and rollovers.
At their highest point the trains
run at around 41 meters. Helix
is longer and faster than any
of the park's other attractions.
It covers around 1.4 km
and lasts for more than two
minutes with not just one, but
two LSM launch stretches.
Helix features three trains all
equipped with five carriages
each accommodating up to as many
as 20 passengers. The coaster shoots
along the stretch at up to 100 km/h
with a total of seven inversions and
passengers undergoing up to 4.3g.
The carriages are fitted with a lap bar
system and the tenth row in each train
features "Big Boy" seats. The Helix
delivers passengers elements including
corkscrews, zero-g rolls, a Norwegian
loop, top hat inside and inline twists.
Interestingly, instead of conventional
theming Liseberg has gone with a
sophisticated lighting concept linked
with an impressive soundtrack for this
coaster. The soundtrack was created
by Imascore and the music is even
available as a ringtone for diehard fans
to download on the park's website.
22 million Euros (200 million SEK)
were invested into the new mega
coaster, the largest investment sum
ever made by Liseberg. Rollercoasters
have been thrilling visitors at this
park since it opened in 1923. Today,
Liseberg is one of northern Europe's
largest amusement parks with over
three million guests annually, and it
is acknowledged as Sweden's largest
tourist attraction.
Helix wurde geschickt in das Gelände und den
Baumbestand eingebunden.

12 EuroAmusement Professional 4/2014

Auf insgesamt sieben Inversionen können sich
die Fahrgäste in der Helix freuen.

CEO Andreas Andersen comments,
"The dramaturgy of most rollercoasters
follows the same obvious patterns.
Helix turns all these rules upside down.
Developed together with German
rollercoaster manufacturer Mack Rides,
Helix gives passengers more adventure
than any other rollercoaster in the

Liseberg enjoys some of the highest
amusement park attendance figures
in all of Europe and has a wide range
of attractions for the whole family.
Last year witnessed the opening of
"Kaninlandet", a special children's
area (we reported on this in EAP,
Issue 4/2013). Now Liseberg is moving
forward with yet another highlight that
is certain to draw adults and families
with older kids like a magnet!

Roland Mack, associate of traditionrich Mack Rides, cites this rollercoaster
as the best one his company has ever
built to date. And acclaimed rollercoaster builder and designer Werner
Stengel laughingly claimed after his
maiden journey on Helix that he "...
would love to have a coaster like this
in the yard to start off every day with a
ride!" All of the other Helix passengers
are also unanimously enthusiastic
about this new roller-coaster and are
acknowledging Helix as a great launch
coaster offering pure rollercoaster fun!

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