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Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 3: eiches Come Together in Amsterdam und Stuttgart! My team and I are looking forward with interest to meeting you and we wish everyone a successful "Come Together" in Amsterdam and Stuttgart! Ihre Yours, Petra Probst (Chefredakteurin / Editor-in-Chief) EuroAmusement Professional 5/2014 3.. Seite 3 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 9: els and suspension bridges, crawl tubes, a huge tipping bucket and six different slides with a total length of nearly 100 m. Everything here invites to slide, climb and romp. Up to 100 children aged between 4 and 14 can have fun at the same time in this custom-designed water play area. AMUSEMENT Trade Magazine Redaktion / Editors Office Redaktionsbüro Petra Probst Lippsche Straße 26, D-33165 Lichtenau e-Mail: Chefredaktion / Editor-in-Chief Petra Probst (PP) Mo.. Seite 9 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 12: adengläser anmuten, und Oversized thematic elements Sitzen auf Stühlen aus Champagnerflaschen-Deckeln ... are encountered at every turn With 14.9 million visitors last year, the Disneyland Resort ­ huge gutters, floor tiles, everything enormous. Human feet in Paris is one of the most popular leisure destinations or gigantic vegetables threaten to crush the passengers... in Europe. With the latest mini-land and the Ratatouille Luckily, visitors are guided through this 3D adventure b.. Seite 12 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 29: oss Dankern vacation center in Haren, Germany has been a popular family holiday destination for 43 years featuring virtually everything families One important component of the diverse range of recreational features at Schloss Dankern is the Topas fun bath which opened in 1996. Topas was then expanded in 2003 with the installation of a 110 meter long Magic Eye slide and a 65 meter long turbo slide. The vacation center is situated in a beautiful natural setting and has continuously investe.. Seite 29 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 35: hat's what you need to differentiate your park, attract new customers and drive more repeat visits. And that's why virtually every major waterpark in the world trusts their iconic attractions to only ProSlide. Their trust is well-founded. ProSlide rides are ranked #1 by waterpark guests worldwide and have won more Best Water Ride Awards than all other rides combined. See for yourself: ® Visit us at EAS, Booth #8557!.. Seite 35 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 52: Technologien, die 2014 auf dem Showfloor präsentiert werden. 12:30 ­ 13:30 Mobile Manager: How to Use Mobile Technology in Every Part of an Attraction Mobile devices have quickly established themselves as an integral aspect of daily life. In this session we will examine two different successful uses of mobile technology. Speakers: Miikka Seppälä (Särkäniemi Adventure Park), Jens Holm-Möller (Park Check/Shoptimizer). Mobile Manager: Smartphones & Co. sind Teil des täglichen Lebens gewor.. Seite 52 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 63: 014 · Spray Parks · Waterslides · Inflatables · WaterClimbing · Aquagym · Fontains We offer exciting water recreation for every location and every budget! For more information, please contact us: Watergames & More B.V. T (Germany) +49 (0)2 11 38 78 91 81 T (Other countries) +31 (0)6 29 55 66 62 E +1 (250) 712.3393 A Q U AT I C P L A Y M A N U FA C T U R E R Sind Sie schon Abonnent? Abonnieren Sie jetzt! .. Seite 63 online blättern

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