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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-Leseprobe

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Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 3: tions that have recently enriched the amusement industry. And we're continuing along these lines in this issue with the very latest state-of-the-art attractions around the world. From Florida's "Seven Dwarfs Mine Train" to the "Ratatouille" gourmet experience in Paris or the enchanting expansion of the world of a young magician named Potter ­ they all represent technological innovations combining technological possibilities in perfectly themed settings... Ein weiter anhaltender Trend ist.. Seite 3 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 12: one of the most popular leisure destinations or gigantic vegetables threaten to crush the passengers... in Europe. With the latest mini-land and the Ratatouille Luckily, visitors are guided through this 3D adventure by attraction ­ total investments of more than 200 million Rémy, who always knows a way to escape, not only from the crazy chef Skinner ... With a bang of a timpani ­ no, the bang Euros ($270 million US) ­ the organizers are hoping to increase the annual flow of visitors by a.. Seite 12 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-LeseprobeSeite 52: AI Exhibition & Convention Centre, Amsterdam Tuesday, 23 September 2014 08:30 ­ 09:20 Innovative Technology Showcase See the latest technologies and products available on the EAS trade show floor in one seminar session. Erfahren Sie alles über die neuesten Technologien, die 2014 auf dem Showfloor präsentiert werden. 12:30 ­ 13:30 Mobile Manager: How to Use Mobile Technology in Every Part of an Attraction Mobile devices have quickly established themselves as an integral aspect of daily l.. Seite 52 online blättern

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