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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-Leseprobe

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Im Bistrot Chez Rémy erwartet die kleinen (und großen) Gäste ein
außergewöhnliches Restauranterlebnis.

­ now the 60th (!) new
attraction at Disneyland

haben die
Rémys Träume eines
und umgesetzt.

are hailed by Rémy`s
extended family ...
survived! For the
Ratatouille adventure,
a so-called trackless
vehicle system was
implemented for the
first time in a Disney
attraction which, in
combination with
the impressive 3D
projections of the
original Pixar film
animations, creates
an exceptional overall
experience. The cars
­ each designed for
up to six people ­
are painted in five
different shades and
move in groups of
three along the route.
The trackless vehicle
system allows several
different routes, since
none of the cars has
to follow the same
route ...

When leaving the
ratmobile, passengers
have direct access to
and a view into the
charming Bistrot Chez Rémy ­
which, as Disney emphasizes, is
the first independent restaurant
in a Disney theme park which is
directly integrated thematically
in the attraction. Guests eat in
the midst of a larger-than-life
backdrop: the tables look like giant
jam jars, while the chairs appear
to be enormous champagne corks.
A wonderful setting ­ like one of
Rémy's fantasies ­ invites guests
to dine, but also to just stand and
stare. The Disney Imagineers have
once again provided ample proof
of what they are capable of.

The tour starts first high
above the rooftops of the
French capital, before
visitors are given the sense
of becoming smaller and
smaller by the gradual
change in proportion of the
surroundings. Then, equipped
with 3D glasses and riding
in so-called "ratmobiles",
they scurry through the cold
storage room and restaurant.
Themselves "shrunken" to
the size of a rat, they are
constantly on the run from
the dreaded chef Skinner ...
Speisen auf Tischen, die wie Marmeladengläser anmuten, und
Oversized thematic elements
Sitzen auf Stühlen aus Champagnerflaschen-Deckeln ...
are encountered at every turn
With 14.9 million visitors last year, the Disneyland Resort
­ huge gutters, floor tiles, everything enormous. Human feet
in Paris is one of the most popular leisure destinations
or gigantic vegetables threaten to crush the passengers...
in Europe. With the latest mini-land and the Ratatouille
Luckily, visitors are guided through this 3D adventure by
attraction ­ total investments of more than 200 million
Rémy, who always knows a way to escape, not only from the
crazy chef Skinner ... With a bang of a timpani ­ no, the bang Euros ($270 million US) ­ the organizers are hoping to
increase the annual flow of visitors by at least another
of a champagne cork ­ the passengers are at last virtually
catapulted to the top floor of the restaurant level, where they million, they say.
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