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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-Leseprobe

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Ein Meisterstück der Universal-Kreativen:
Die Winkelgasse bietet den Besuchern alles,
was das Fanherz begehrt; z.B. bei ,,Weasleys
Zauberhafte Zauberscherze".

Bleibt am Schluss nur eine Frage: Warum
können die Zauberschüler nicht einfach
die allzu langen Warteschlangen wegzaubern? (SP)

Harry Potter's
Diagon Alley at Universal
Orlando Resort
Long awaited and heaped with laurels
in advance, the newest theme area at
Universal Resort in Orlando, Florida
opened on July 8th of this year. At the
same location where visitors had to face
"Jaws" in the Universal Studios in the
past, now stands the new Harry Potter
theme attraction "Diagon Alley". The
expansion on the theme "The Wizzarding

Insgesamt neun Züge, die in je zwei Wagen Platz für 24 Personen bieten,
sind auf der geheimnisvollen Strecke durch die Gewölbe von Gringotts
Bank unterwegs.

World of Harry Potter" also includes
the linking of the Harry Potter areas in
Universal`s Islands of Adventure to the
Universal Studio Park. For this summer
also marks the launching of "Hogwarts
Express", meaning that now the familiar
"Hogsmeade" section is connected to
the newly formed Diagon Alley area in
the Studio Park.
Exactly four years ago, the most famous
sorcerer in the world moved into the
Orlando Universal Resort. And ­ as if we
didn't know it ­ the same phenomenon
occurred this July as last year: Visitors
queued for hours ­ eyewitnesses reported
waits of up to six hours ­ just to be able
to enter Diagon Alley. Not counting the
waiting time at the new anchor attraction,
the "Harry Potter and the Escape from
Gringotts" ride ...
With shops, restaurants and the extraordinary thrill ride ­ "Harry Potter`s
escape from Gringotts" ­ not only does
Diagon Alley double the size of the

Der Weg zur Hauptattraktion ,,Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts" führt
durch die Schalterhalle der berühmten Bank, vorbei an den geschäftigen Goblins ...

16 EuroAmusement Professional 5/2014

magical theme area, but in particular complements it with a spectacular
thematic design. If the attraction hadn't
already been smothered in superlatives
four years ago, it would have to be now...
Ever since July, Universal visitors who
purchase a park-to-park ticket for 136
U.S. dollars or an annual pass can now
wander through the reconstructed streets,
shops and pubs, pass through Gringotts
Bank, escape from Gringotts in a virtual
roller coaster dark ride... and then board
the Hogwarts Express at King`s Cross,
which takes them to Hogsmeade, the
charming little village at the foot of Hogwarts Castle, where they can experience
the renowned magical adventures in and
around the school of magic.
The Hogwarts Express experience combines powerful storytelling, live special

Harry Potter ­
der Hype dauert an
Comcast Corp`s Universal Studios
announced that, as part of an extensive
plan to make the parks more attractive
again, they intend to make the world
of ,,Harry Potter" come to life in
Hollywood, too, as early as 2016 ...

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