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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-Leseprobe

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Wenn der Wassereimer kippt, heißt es entweder in Deckung gehen oder aber ,,seinen Mann stehen".

amusement industry's most experienced
manufacturers, for the construction of
the new attractions. Numerous diverse
water play elements await visitors in
this very colorful kid's area including
nine movable water cannons and three
different water slides integrated into
the playground. Suspended bridges,
crawling pipes, a giant birdcage and
stairs connect the different elements.
A trio slide with three 16 meter long
lanes is ideal for the kids to enjoy slide
races, while a 350 liter water tipping
bucket regularly douses the guests
below. This modern water play park
boasts more than 20 different water
The Schloss Dankern decision-makers
were inspired by the first Aquarena
AquaFun water play park which
opened in 2011 at Freizeitbad Atlantis
in Herzogenaurach, Germany (cp.
EAP, Issue 5/2011). The footbridges,
climbing nets, crawling pipes and
water slides at Atlantis are also a big
hit with the kids.

part of the open funnel and watch
sliders as they slip down into it. This
adds even more excitement and appeal
to the attraction.
Sliders ride single tubes and head off
first into a right curve before entering
a three meter long crystal clear
section. The next right curve then
builds up momentum and launches
sliders into the four meter high, ten
meter diameter funnel where the tubes
revolve up to around four times in a
circle before descending into the funnel
center and down into another tunnel
section out to the end of the slide. The
special construction feature of the
funnel element is that part of it was
built inside and part of it outside the
building. The visible part inside the

Insgesamt neun
Wasserkanonen stehen bereit für
reichlich Spritzspaß.

building represents around one-quarter
of the whole construction.
The Topas operators invested some 2.5
million Euros into these expansion and
conversion measures. Of the almost
200,000 guests who visited Topas in
the 2013 season, around 60,000 were
registered as day visitors.
The owner and operator family never
stands still, and in line with this
Friedhelm Freiherr and Caroline
Freifrau von Landsberg-Velen also
invested an additional 500,000 Euros
into a new area with a viewing tower.
The tower and new roofed outdoor area
is an expansion on the extensive range of
features in the center's indoor play area.
You can read more about this on Pg. 26.

Northern Germany's first
funnel slide
The new funnel slide is the first of its
kind in northern Germany, and it
starts from a 15 meter tall tower
located inside the new hall next to
the new water playground. From a
certain height walking up the steps of
the tower guests can look down inside
48 EuroAmusement Professional 5/2014

Vom Treppenturm aus ist gut zu erkennen, dass der Trichter der neuen Rutsche sich teilweise innen und
teilweise außen befindet.

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