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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2014-Leseprobe

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1 Smiles all around for the IAAPA visit to the
ProSlide exhibition stand: Rick Hunter, ProSlide
President & CEO (ctr.) explains ProSlide models
to the IAAPA Board of Directors (l. to r.: in the
front Gerardo Arteaga Cerda, Paul Noland,
in the back Rob Norris and Mario Mamon).
2 Wyeth Tracy from Empex Watertoys is
happy to have recently completed the
construction of a water play area in China. The
company has now finished building a 700 s
quare meter Aquacircus water playground at
the Grandsight Adventure Island Waterpark.
7 Das Team vom türkischen Rutschenhersteller Polin am Messestand in Beijing. Verglichen mit den bisherigen IAAPA-Messen
im asiatischen Raum sei die Messe in Peking die bis dato beste
gewesen, berichtete Marketingdirektorin Söhret Pakis während
der Messe.

3 Marie & Adrian Fisher from Adrian Fisher
Design Ltd. are labyrinth designers from England
who found inspiration for new maze ideas at the
trade show in Beijing.
4 Nicholas S. Neuman (ctr.) and his two Asian
colleagues Pei Sheng Zhang (r.) and Patrick
Choi (l.) from Water Technology Inc. were very
pleased with the discussions they held with their
customers and the feedback they received during
the Asian Expo.
5 Bert Swillen (ctr. l.) and Sander Thys (ctr. r.)
from KCC, pictured here together with their Asian
colleagues, see great potential for their design
and developer services in China. The Belgian
company opened its Beijing office this past April.

8 Faustino Costa von der Herborner Pumpenfabrik freute sich
über Besuch von Sim Choo Kheng,
CEO Sim Leisure und CEO des
Escape-Themenparks in Malaysia.
Die Öko-Touristendestination auf
der Insel Penang wird ihren geplanten Wasserpark, der frühestens
im nächsten Jahr eröffnet werden
soll, mit den bewährten Pumpen
aus Herborn ausrüsten.

6 While most of Italian water slide manufacturer New Dieresin's current projects are in
Europe and the Middle East, Roberto Dezzoni
(Technical Director) (l.) and Marco Grazioli (CEO
Management) (r.) wanted to check the response
at the AAE during the company's first appearance as an exhibitor here.

Im Bild (v.l.n.r.): Emmanuelle Charotte (Head of International Sales & Marketing), Ken Lo (Technical Manager) und Julien
Causeret (International Sales & Marketing) von ECA2 freuen sich,
die Besucher von Sentosa Island seit Juni dieses Jahres erneut
mit einer spektakulären Show begeistern zu können.

7 Here we see the team from Turkey's slide
manufacturer Polin at the company's exhibition
stand in Beijing. During the trade fair, Polin's
Marketing Director Söhret Pakis described this
year's AAE as the best Asian IAAPA convention
8 Faustino Costa from Herborner Pumpenfabrik was pleased by the visit from Sim Choo
Kheng, CEO of Sim Leisure and of the Escape
theme park in Malaysia. The ecological tourism
destination on the island of Penang is planning
to open its new water park sometime next year
equipped with the reliable pumps from Herborn,
9 In the photo (l. to r.): Emmanuelle Charotte
(Head of International Sales & Marketing), Ken
Lo (Technical Manager) and Julien Causeret
(International Sales & Marketing) from ECA2 are
delighted to once again thrill visitors to Sentosa
Island with a spectacular show since June of
this year.

10 Im Bild (v.l.): Maximilian Röser, Thorsten Köbele, Christian Grabietz und Sascha Rigling
(ganz re.) freuen sich, Horst Ruhe (2.v.r.) als neuen Vice President Sales India in ihrem Team bei
Mack Rides begrüßen zu können.

10 In the photo (l. to r.): Maximilian Röser,
Thorsten Köbele, Christian Grabietz and
Sascha Rigling (far r.) welcome Horst Ruhe
(2nd from r.) as the new Vice President of Sales
India on their Mack Rides team.

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