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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2015-Leseprobe

Seite 30 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2015-LeseprobeEdutainment
Anfang des Jahres gab es erneut Ärger: Die Region Lombardei unter ihrem Präsidenten Roberto Maroni unterstützte
ultrakatholische Gruppen bei einer Homophobie-Konferenz
unter dem Titel ,,Verteidigung der Familie". Dafür wurden
dem Bündnis öffentliche Räumlichkeiten sowie die Nutzung
des Expo-Logos zugestanden. Im Stadtzentrum der Modestadt
kam es daraufhin zu Protesten von tausenden Menschen, die
zum Boykott der Expo aufriefen. Mittlerweile protestierte
auch der Generalsekretär des Internationalen Büros der Weltausstellungen Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales scharf gegen die
zweckentfremdete Nutzung des Expo-Logos und stellte klar,
dass die Expo ein Ort des gegenseitigen Respekts und niemals
ein Ort von Diskriminierung jeder Art sein darf.

Das Zahlenziel
20 Mio. Besucher werden in den sechs Expo-Monaten erwartet.
Laut Organisatoren sollen davon 14 Mio. Italiener ihre Passeggiata ­ ihren Spaziergang ­ auf Cardo und Decumanus tätigen.
Die Eintrittspreise liegen bei 27 Euro im Vorverkauf mit Tagesbindung und 32 Euro bei einem offenen Ticket. (AKo)

A Concept between
Wishes & Reality
It's that time again. Under the sonorous motto of "Feeding
the Planet. Energy for Life", the World Expo returns to
Milan, Italy for the first time in 109 years. The organizers
cite the total investment costs at three billion Euros, with
1.2 billion allocated for infrastructure measures. With the
gates set to open for 184 days on May 1st of this year, there's
reason enough for us to give you a brief preview of Expo
Milano 2015!

The theme
When Milan was selected in 2008 to host the Expo, the
decision-makers in Italy chose "Food and Nutrition" as the
main theme for all of the fair's participants.
The exhibition is aimed at finding solutions for the great
contradictions of our time. For instance, 1.3 billion tons of
food is wasted each year, while at the same time large parts
of the world's population still suffer from malnutrition. In
nations with a surplus of food people are prone to excessive
weight and obesity. And the rapid rise in the world's
population poses the added challenge of how to feed the
world's people in a way that is just and healthy.
The main topic has been divided into five categories which
are also reflected in the spatial layout of the Expo:
"The story of man, stories of food" tells of human evolution
from the unique perspective of food, e.g. on the basis of the
72 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2015

agricultural techniques used by specific peoples and how our
diets have changed over time.
"Feast and famine" addresses the aforementioned paradoxes
of the unequal distribution of food and searches for
recommended solutions.
"The future of food" looks at the future with new food
technologies, scientific discoveries and research aimed at
improving tomorrow's nutrition today.
"Sustainable food = an equitable world" raises the issue
of a better balance between the mass production of food
and resource-friendly production which supports biological
Finally, "Taste is knowledge" offers visitors both food for
thought and real food to try out from different countries and
cultures as well as the opportunity to learn more about the
history of the foods, how they are prepared and how they are

A mascot
No major sporting event or exhibition would be complete
without a mascot, and Milan's mascot has been christened
"Foody" with all the creativity of a three-year-old. The
figure is compiled of a group of anthropomorphic fruit and
vegetable parts individually reminiscent of the characters
from the "Food Rocks" animatronic show which ran at
Epcot's "The Land Pavilion" between 1994 and 2004. Food
Rocks had a similar theme to this year's Expo and was aimed
at motivating guests toward "healthy food and nutrition".
Benevolent observers see Foody as a marketable children's
version of the works of Milan's famous artist Giuseppe
Arcimboldo who lived in the 16th century.

The layout
The Expo site is located near Milan's convention center
and an extension of the municipal underground public
transportation network now connects the site to the city

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