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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2015-Leseprobe

Seite 11 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2015-LeseprobeSchon während der Testfahrten sorgten die Drehungen und
Überschläge der Gondelarme für sichtbare Fahrfreude.


1.4 meters tall, and may not be taller than 1.95 meters. Once
they have taken their seats the pendulum motion begins
while the gondola arms rotate at the end of the 30 meter long
mast. The gondolas stop spinning briefly at the highest point
before the main mast suddenly goes into a nosedive along
its longitudinal axis. As if that wasn't thrilling enough, while
the dive is happening each of the gondola arms rotates 360°,
putting passengers through their paces with three different
rotational movements at the same time. The Mechanica ride
lasts for around 90 seconds. Its three-way restraint system
ensures that the passengers arrive safely, if a little dizzy,
back on the ground!
Zierer Project Manager Werner Glück also knows precisely
what makes Star Shape so unique. He says, "What's special
is the range of surprising rotation movements. As a result
of the rotation of the star and the individual arms, the
rotatable gondola units are constantly doing unpredictable
free complete rollovers". Even spectators get an adrenaline
kick from simply watching the ride. Mechanica's interesting
thematic integration at Liseberg and its suspenseful
musical accompaniment make the ride a true hit. And with
theoretical capacity of 600 pph, it's also an exciting and
worthwhile investment. Liseberg spent 30 million SEK
(approximately 3.2 million EUR) for its new Mechanica
Martin Weichselgartner* has been at Zierer for 17 years
and took over six months ago as its new CEO. He is truly
proud of this latest Star Shape, but there's more to come.
Zierer is headquartered in Deggendorf, Germany and has

developed impressively over the years. From its beginnings
as a carousel manufacturer producing innumerable family
rides for 85 years, including Zierer's classic bestseller
Wave Swinger (we reported on this in
EAP 2/2011), the company has also
Das Pendel, das den
Stern in den Himmel developed in the meantime into a
schwingt, ist ein echter popular supplier of high quality top
Hingucker. thrill attractions.
For example, Denmark's Djurs
Sommerland started the new season
with the opening of two family freefall
towers and the first Force2 coaster
built in accordance with the Euro
Code, all from Zierer. In addition,
after a Kontiki L in a Sesame Street
design opened back in March at
Universal Japan, Zierer's Kontiki
opened only a few days ago at Potts
Park in Minden, Germany (cp. Pg. 28).
Along with the Star Shape as Zierer's
latest example of quality top thrill
rides, the new Zierer Tower Speed
Coaster "Impulse" was also recently
delivered to Knoebels Amusement
Park in Pennsylvania, USA (we give
you an introduction to this impressive
attraction starting on Page 25 of this
Mechanica in Liseberg unmistakably
demonstrates just how outstandingly
suited the Star Shape ride is for
amusement and adventure parks.
* Please note the interview with Martin Weichselgartner
on page 18.

EuroAmusement Professional 4/2015


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