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Seite 33 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2015-LeseprobeThis would appear to indicate that the heterogeneity of
development within the range of recreational bathing
complexes and spas is on the increase. While some manage
to find enthusiastic new customers and generate customer
loyalty despite growing competition in the range of
available recreational offers, other operations suffer
from the competition scenario and the changing weather
The following look into the individual products and
services segments or profit centers reveals a varied picture
of this situation. Attendance figure development in the
sauna sector shows clear parallels to the development of
overall attendance figures and is lower in comparison to
the previous year: 34% of the bathing operations suffered
declining attendance figures in the sauna sector, but
no decline in excess of more than 10% of the previous
year's value. 18% of those surveyed reported consistent
sauna guest attendance figures, while a majority of 47%
celebrated mild to strong growth. A positive development is
that 11% of those surveyed reported a "strong increase" in
the number of sauna guests, a clearly higher number than
the value of the overall attendance figure development!
(see Chart 3).

Expectations on 2015 attendance
figure development
Despite a weakening of the positive trend in attendance
figure development which has been experienced for the
last three years or so, the EWA member companies still
anticipate consistency to mild growth in attendance
figures for 2015. As we can see in Chart 4, only 9% expect
a (continued) decline in attendance figures. Most of the
survey participants (50%) anticipate stable figures or
upward development (41%).

Comparison between anticipated
and actual attendance figures
In surveys for previous years, the forecasts for the current
year were clearly exceeded in reality. Here we take a
look at the forecasts from 2013 for 2014 and the actual
development in the past fiscal year. The categories on which
survey questions were asked are not completely identical,
but they are still more than adequate for a comparison
of the tendencies in regard to decline, stabilization and
positive development.
Charts 5 and 6 clearly demonstrate that the actual and the
anticipated attendance figure development among bathing
operations did not coincide. Almost all of the participants
assumed at the beginning of 2013 that their attendance
figures would remain constant or grow slightly. Only 5%
anticipated a decline. In this segment in particular the
forecasts proved to be too optimistic: While only 5% of
the operators anticipated a decline, in reality almost 38%
experienced one.

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