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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2015-Leseprobe

Seite 35 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2015-LeseprobeTechnologie
Technologie bei gleichzeitig höchstem
ökologischen und wirtschaftlichen Anspruch gewährleistet werden kann. Und
dass sich die Freizeit- und Erlebnisparks
­ mit einer zunehmenden Zahl moderner Wasserfahrattraktionen konfrontiert
bzw. gesegnet ­ an den hohen Ansprüchen und den Erfahrungen der Wasserparkbetreiber orientieren können, wenn
es um die Wahl der passenden Technologien für ihre ganz speziellen Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen geht. (ALK)

Water Treatment
Technology at
Amusement and Water
For swimming pools, recreational
bathing complexes and water parks the
issue of water quality and the required
water treatment technology are always
in focus and a fixed component of the
daily agenda. With water attractions
finding their way into more and more
amusement and adventure parks in
recent years, operators of "dry"
parks and attractions face greater
challenges than ever before when it
comes to controlled water quality for wet
attraction fun.

Example: Splashbattle
The "ToPiLauLa" attraction at
Germany's Heide Park Soltau occupies
a 12,000 square meter area in which
passengers and spectators enjoy
friendly water battles with one another.

Die Badegäste lieben den großen Splash der Kippeimer.

For the park's operators at the Merlin
Entertainments group this means
strict regulations governing hygiene
conditions, because it's possible that in
the heat of "battle" some of the sprayed
or splashed water might be swallowed by
visitors. So the water treatment experts
at Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung were
assigned with ensuring that the water
in this Splashbattle attraction is kept
hygienically and optically clean at all
The operators register up to 500
visitors per hour on the ride. This
outdoor attraction has a water volume
of 1,500 cubic meters. While minor
contamination through leaves, pollen or
other small things like packaging waste
cannot be avoided completely, it is a
must to prevent the formation of odors
and algae. Nico Biskup from Grünbeck
explains, "A threat to visitors in the form
of germs contained in the water upon
contact with respirable water vapor and

Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 1
97877 Wertheim

drops of water coming into contact with
the skin are to be absolutely eliminated.
Clear, clean, hygienically pure water
was our assigned responsibility in this
project, and we have ensured that this
is the case day in, day out since it was
started up. We are now into our sixth
Thorsten Berwald is in charge of
construction and planning at the
Heide Park Resort. He tells us that
the assigned task was "to develop an
appropriate water treatment system
with pumps to keep the pool water
clean and to disinfect it". With sprayed
water as an integral part of this kind
of attraction, it is understandable that
very high demands are placed on the
quality of the water. Other important
factors in this concept include being
treating fresh water as frugally as
possible and keeping an eye on the
permanently-running facility's energy


EuroAmusement Professional 4/2015


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