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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2015-Leseprobe

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Hansa-Park Opens
Large Attraction
This summer Germany's Hansa-Park
began presenting its guests one of
the tallest rollercoasters in Europe.
Cosmetic work on the 73 meter tall
hypercoaster continues, but the coaster
is already open for visitors. The park
took a similar approach with its equally
elaborate rollercoaster project, "The
Curse of Novogorod". The importance
of storytelling for Hansa-Park and its
Director Christoph Andreas Leicht
is also obvious from the "Midgard
Serpent" children's rollercoaster,
designed according to the plans by
designer Alexander Korting. Korting
was also involved in the thematic
concept for The Oath of Kärnan, the
third Gerstlauer Amusement Rides
rollercoaster to go up at Hansa-Park.
The background story for this
attraction is taken from the medieval
Kärnan tower and former fortress in

the Swedish port town of Helsingborg.
The original tower was commissioned
for construction by Danish King Erik
VI. King Erik had a direct connection
to the Hanseatic League, a powerful
Middle Ages shipping confederation
in northern Europe. It is precisely the
cosmetic details associated with this
connection that visitors to Hansa-Park
will have to wait next year to see.
A bouncy castle and a vertical ride had
to make way for Kärnan, which this
hypercoaster nevertheless replicates
with vertical drops of its own, and
not just from the highest incline! A
surprising "crash" of the train some
meters down the vertical lift is one truly
thrilling surprise. This unique element
would probably keep some passengers
away if they could see it from the
outside. After all, the very idea of a
rollercoaster derailing is horrific... But
this special feature takes place inside
the tower, away from curious eyes.
Gerstlauer's wealth of experience with
vertical lifts from its many Eurofighter

projects was key to making this special
thrill possible. In the end this was the
bonus feature that tipped Hansa-Park's
decision in favor of the Gerstlauer
The Oath of Kärnan is by far the
tallest rollercoaster Gerstlauer has
ever built. The experience required
for the construction of rollercoasters
of this size came from the experts at
the engineering firm, Ingenieurbüro
Stengel. In addition to the previously
mentioned 79 meter tall tower, this
hypercoaster only features one other
high element consisting of an airy
combination of curves with steep rises
and drops. Like the tower, this element
can also be seen from all over the Bay
of Lübeck. This grabs the attention
of beachgoers who represent a large
number of potential guests. The airy
curve combination has a special look
that is instantly recognizable, even
in photographs. This look is firmly
grounded in reliable engineering to the
greatest possible extent. Accelerations

EuroAmusement Professional 5/2015


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