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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2015-Leseprobe

Seite 43 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2015-LeseprobeWaterParks
Singha wurde an die
Topografie des Geländes
angepasst und am Hang
neben Kinnaree installiert.

Siam Park-Chef Christoph Kiessling
ist stolz auf seine neue Attraktion, mit
der er sich sicher ist, neue Maßstäbe zu
setzen ­ die Attraktion sei ein voller
Erfolg. Eins ist sicher: Einen Rekordjob haben der Hersteller ProSlide, das
Bauteam des Siam Parks, das sich auch
komplett um die Thematisierung der
neuen Rutsche kümmerte, sowie der
Conveyor-Lieferant Van Stone aus den
USA, hingelegt: Die neue, innovative
Rutsche wurde in nur drei Monaten fertiggestellt. (JeW)

Singha is a water
coaster equipped
with ProSlide's new
technology and
the company's new
element, which
ensures high speeds
and constant
acceleration. Siam
Park CEO Christoph Kiessling
comments confidently, "Our guests love
speed and are looking for revolutionary
rides. That's SINGHA. Its constant
acceleration, extreme curves and
adrenaline-pumping drops will drive
guests to our park for years."
The 240 meter long water coaster
was installed on the hillside near the
Kinnaree slide. Boats resembling rafts
rush up to three passengers along the
speedy course, which starts out with a
section running through a pipe. This
is followed by a drop into the first
saucer-like high-speed curves section,

the FlyingSAUCER element. The high
speeds and centrifugal forces push the
boats out toward the rim of the steep
walls in this circular section. Following
a short tunnel element, the ride then
continues into a total of four uphill
sections, for which ProSlide developed
a new water jet propulsion system. The
special feature of the system consists
of the water nozzles covering the entire
length of the uphill sections and the
boats which are specially designed to
work with this system.
Some of the inclines are very steep,
and the boats have to be able to climb
them effortlessly before they enter
the next FlyingSAUCER section. The
ride features four FlyingSAUCER
sections in all. Top speeds of up to 6
m/s can be achieved on the uphills,
while the downhill slopes can see the
boats reaching up to a blinding 18 m/s,
bringing the top speed on the ride up
to 60 km/h. With a total of 14 direction
changes, plenty of fun is guaranteed
for all.
Working together, the manufacturer
ProSlide, the construction team from
Siam Park and the conveyor supplier
Van Stone / USA set a new record: This
new, innovative slide was fully installed
in a period of only three months.

Singha ­The
Sign of the Lion
In 2015 Tenerife's Siam Park was once
again crowned as the world's best water
park with a "Travelers' Choice Award"
from the TripAdvisor travel platform.
The last major new attraction at the
park was the "Kinnaree" slide which
opened in 2012 (cp. EAP 5/2012).
Now, this summer has seen the latest
addition to Siam Park. "Singha" is a
spectacular innovation from Canadian
manufacturer ProSlide which combines
two newly developed technologies into
a single hybrid attraction for the first
time in the company's 30-year history.

Das Fahrgefühl in den HighSpeed-Kurven in den neu
entwickelten FlyingSAUCERElementen kommt dem in einer
Bobbahn nahe.
EuroAmusement Professional 5/2015


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