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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2015-Leseprobe

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Im Zentrum der 57,4 Meter hohen Haupthalle ­ thematisch zwischen
Orient und Okzident ­ thront ein riesiger LED-Globus.

30 Attraktionen ­ für
jedes Alter
und vielerlei
­ werden

Romon U ­ The New
Mega-Park in Ningbo
In 2012 the Chinese shirt and suit
manufacturer Romon initiated its
ambitious "Romon U City" project
with a budget of some six billion RMB1
(around 800 million Euros). Based on
plans which began in 2007, the company
started construction of its mega-project
featuring a theme park, shopping center
and hotel on a roughly 200,000 square
meter site in the Yinzhou district of the
Chinese metropolis of Ningbo. On June
19th of this year the first phase of the
project, Romon U-Park, opened.
The Korean team which assisted Romon
in the design, construction and startup of the facility left an indelible mark
on the park. The spatial layout of the
Ningbo park is strikingly similar to that
of Lotte World 2 in the South Korean
capital of Seoul. Like the park in Korea,
1) The investment volume for the park quoted at the time of its
2) Lotte World is a part of the commitment by the multinational
conglomerate of the same name with a primary focus on the
confectionery industry.

28 EuroAmusement Professional 6/2015

Romon U-Park is also divided
up into an indoor area and
an outdoor island. The main
indoor hall resembles the one
at Korea's Lotte World right
down to the architecture of
its glass dome. According
to official statements from
the Chinese park, the hall
has 84,000 square meters
of usable space, which
corresponds almost exactly
with that of the indoor area in
Seoul. And just like at Lotte
World, Romon U-Park in
Ningbo has built its outdoor
area on a manmade island of
some 40,000 square meters.
In contrast, while individual attractions
in Seoul are installed in relatively
tucked away areas, all of the large
attractions in Ningbo are gathered
indoors around a centrally located 7.2
meter diameter LED globe inside the
57.4 meter high main hall.
Romon U-Park primarily went with
traditionally popular attractions from

well known manufacturers in choosing
its large attractions. Huss deliveries
included a "Top Spin" and a "Giant
Frisbee", S&S supplied a "Towerride",
Triotech installed an interactive XD
movie theater and Zamperla provided
a "Disk`O", a "Zodiac" and a number
of children's rides. The park's two
major attractions, its rollercoasters,
are from Europe. Intamin supplied the
"Euro Express" looping rollercoaster,
while Maurer installed its "Dragon
Legend" launch coaster. The balance
of large attractions and flat rides, water
attractions and dry attractions is on the
mark here.
The indoor and outdoor areas are
separated both spatially and in terms
of their themes, with each immersing
visitors in two completely different
worlds. While the atmosphere on
the "Island of Legends" features a
mystical, fantasy world design, the
indoor hall is dominated by famous
European landmarks. The rides have
been integrated into the scenery in
a fascinating way. For instance, the
Intamin "Euro Express" looping
rollercoaster runs above London's
Tower Bridge and tunnels underneath
fortress walls, while the 4D movie
theater is concealed in a French
palace structure. A total of six theme
areas were created: Romantic Avenue,
Fantasy Dream, Mystery Land,
Adventure Challenge, Festival Plaza
and the previously mentioned Island of
Legends. The indoor and outdoor areas
are linked by an Intamin People Mover
Live entertainment is provided in the
daytime by a classic park parade. At
night, park guests can look forward to
a gigantic multimedia show for which
Prächtige Wagen erfreuen die Besucher
mit einer täglichen Parade.

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