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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 14 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeParks
Bereits in der Bauphase
standen die Ninjago-Helden
Parkdirektor Christian Woller
zur Seite.

were built into the new theme area,
which was installed directly behind
Duplo Land.
In addition to the Lego Ninjago toy sets,
which were introduced in 2011, there`s
also an animated Ninjago TV series for
children that`s been running for some
years now. It`s certainly no wonder that
British-based Merlin Entertainments
Group, whose operating portfolio has
included the Lego parks since 2005,
decided to introduce Ninjago into the
theme parks. "Ninjago seems to have a
universal appeal to a broad target group.
I think it is linked to the basic story line
of good vs. evil and the many strong
characters in that universe. There's a
lot of great content to support the play
sets and we could see immediately when
we had announced Ninjago World that
this was something our visitors had
been waiting for and were very excited
about," Christian Woller, Director of
Legoland Billund, explains.

Ninjago The Ride ­ The
The most important criteria for
Legoland`s new dark ride was a high
level of interactivity. At the same time,
this interactive theme ride had to
stand out, which is why a conventional
point-and-click system simply would
not do ­ a laser gun wasn`t even a
consideration for the operator from the
start. As Christian Woller reported, they
reached a quick consensus that the new
ride ­ devoted entirely to the Ninjago
theme ­ should enable guests to actively
participate in the experience, much
like the latest video game technology
including body recognition and motion
detection technology. In the process,
kids should have the feeling that
16 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2016

provider in the interactive, media-based
solutions market.

they themselves are
influencing the action
on the screen ­ not a
hand-held interactive
device such as a laser
cannon like those found
in theme park dark rides
around the globe.
Ultimately, state-of-the-art development
for the new Lego attractions was
commissioned to Triotech, a company
based in Montreal, Canada. For
17 years, the provider has supplied
interactive, multi-sensory attractions
and content for the amusement and
edutainment industries in over 50
countries. First known primarily for its
coin-operated simulators, the Triotech
name today is associated particularly
with immersive experiences, interactive
dark rides, and interactive cinemas. The
privately-held company, which currently
has around 130 employees, recently
moved into its new headquarters in
the Canadian metropolis. At its new
location, Triotech now has both its
own studio, which houses the creative
services, engineering/construction, and
software development areas as well
as its own full-scale lab, which allows
real-life testing of new technologies,
new software and new media content.
With additional offices in the USA and
China, Triotech is a total service

This past autumn, the company debuted
its latest creation, called MaestroTM
technology, at the IAAPA Expo in
Orlando (see EAP, Issue 1/2016, p.
92). The unique feature of the latest
development from Triotech is that
actions on the screen can be controlled
with simple hand movements. "Just
like an orchestra conductor, guests
will create an amazing experience by
using their hands," Triotech President
& CEO Ernest Yale says of the
This is possible because the system
detects the hand movements of
each individual guest on the ride.
Sophisticated software determines
where the guest is aiming (direction)
and the speed of their movements
(velocity). This information is then
translated into an image, which
portrays the trajectory of the "shot"
as well as a hit or miss on the screen
in 3D. In the case of Ninjago The Ride,
guests will become aspiring ninjas and
use the power of the elements (shock
waves, lightning, fireballs and ice) to
combat their "opponents" and protect
Ninjago Land from evil forces. So
that visitors can improve their martial
technique, immediate feedback is
necessary: every player gets their own
colour in which their "hits" will
be displayed. This will also
be reinforced with additional
audio feedback.
Das Bauen mit den bunten Lego-Steinchen
ist nach wie vor der Hit ­ so wird die
Wartezeit in der Queuing Line nicht zur
Geduldsprobe, sondern
zum Vergnügen.

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