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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 35 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeBusinessReport
has also been a part of the Zamperla
portfolio, where no less than 19
attractions manufactured by Zamperla
keep visitors happy.
"Winners are not loners. Their victories
are the result of teamwork," said Alberto
Zamperla in a 2006 interview. And he
means it. While there's no doubt that HE
is the boss in the company hierarchy,
he still always combines this with a
high level of respect for the work his
employees perform. He always worked
hard himself for his own success,
and this gives him an even greater
appreciation for dedicated employees.
Wherever Alberto and Antonio appear
together today, they're pulling in the
same direction. And while this maxim
unfortunately may no longer be true
for every family business, with the
Zamperla's there's no doubt whatsoever:
When the father leads the "empire"
together with his son, they have the
firm foundation for a successful future
underneath their feet. The fact that
alone during the IAAPA Expo 2015 in
Orlando Zamperla presented no less
than four new types of attractions (cp.
EAP 1/2016) and is currently working
on five new projects for Disney would

Petra Probst: Ich erinnere mich an eine wunderschöne Idee und Ihr Engagement mit dem
Projekt Biagio Island in Venedig, das leider im
Februar 2015 abgebrochen wurde. Was war

"Thunderbolt" zählt
zu den größten
Attraktionen auf
Coney Island.

seem to precisely
underscore this
positive company
When asked about
his vision for the next ten years, Alberto
Zamperla replied,"We have reached
our goal to have a sort of living showroom for our rides, and we are very
proud to have it right in New York, at
Coney Island. Approx. 400 customers
from all over the world came to an event
we hosted there last year. Although we
are satisfied with the results we have
attained so far, we are aware we cannot
rest on our laurels; what we need to
do now is to improve the "system", i.e.
our organization, work procedures and
services, to outperform our competitors
and stand out among other ride
manufacturers. Innovation will be our
leitmotiv for the next years: not only will
we continue to churn out new products
and/or services ­ for example, we have

already designed a few rides with an eye
to guests with special needs and we are
able to take on further challenges in this
direction if required by our customers.
We have also already set the format of
our "Maintenance Engineering and
Education Course" which will come
to its 4th edition in 2017 ­ , but we
are also considering implementing
new technologies such as 3-D printers
and software in our design and
manufacturing processes. We also intend
to strengthen our cooperation with the
college world, i.e. with universities in
Italy and abroad, and take a nearer look
at riders and visitors to better understand
their and our customers' needs and
expectations." A vision that seems to be

Auf ein Wort:
What about Venice Biagio Island?

Alberto Zamperla: Das Projekt wurde nach über zwei Jahren andauernder
bürokratischer Prozeduren ­ ohne je Antwort oder Feedback von den italienischen
Institutionen erhalten zu haben ­, von uns beendet. Wir haben beschlossen, die
Genehmigung der Regierung, die uns im Jahr 2012 bereits erteilt worden war,
zurück zu geben. Die Stadtverwaltung und die Einwohner Venedigs haben die Unberührbarkeit Venedigs als Weltkultur- und künstlerisches Erbe vorgeschoben, um
Gründe zu verbergen, die in Wirklichkeit in der Unfähigkeit der Italiener begründet
stehen, einen ,,Status Quo" zu verändern, sogar wenn die Veränderung neue Möglichkeiten, wie z.B. neue Jobs und die Vermarktung einer ganzen Region mit sich
bringt. Aber so ist das Leben: Nicht alle Träume werden wahr!
Offensichtlich sind die meisten Venezianer glücklicher mit einer umweltbelastenden Mülldeponie als mit einem Kultur- und Freizeitpark in der Nähe einer der
schönsten Städte der Welt. Ehrlich gesagt tun mir all die aufgeklärten Venezianer
leid ­ und das sind ganz eindeutig zu wenige ­, die meine Sicht und meine Begeisterung teilten: Aber während ich ,,nur" etwas Geld verloren habe, hat Venedig
eine Gelegenheit verpasst!
PP: I remember the nice idea and the engagement you had in 2014 relating the
Venice destination development "Venice Biagio Island", which unfortunately
came to an end in February 2015. Can you please share some details about that?

Alberto Zamperla: The project came
to an end after more than two years
of burocratic procedures with no
answers or feedback from the Italian
institutions, i.e. when we decided to
return the governmental concession we
had obtained in 2012. The municipality
and the people of Venice have used
the excuse of the untouchability of
Venice as world cultural and artistic
heritage to hide reasons linked to the
Italian difficulty to change the status
quo even when the change would bring
opportunities, jobs, and promotion of a whole region.
That's life: not all dreams do come true!
Apparently most Venetians feel more comfortable with a polluting garbage dump
than a cultural and amusement park next to one of the most beautiful cities in
the world. Honestly said, I feel sorry for all those enlightened Venicians ­ clearly
too few, ­ who shared my views and my enthusiasm: While I have lost some
money, Venice has lost an opportunity!

EuroAmusement Professional 2/2016


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