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Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeSeite 14: ive experiences, interactive dark rides, and interactive cinemas. The privately-held company, which currently has around 130 employees, recently moved into its new headquarters in the Canadian metropolis. At its new location, Triotech now has both its own studio, which houses the creative services, engineering/construction, and software development areas as well as its own full-scale lab, which allows real-life testing of new technologies, new software and new media content. With addition.. Seite 14 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeSeite 35: bt that HE is the boss in the company hierarchy, he still always combines this with a high level of respect for the work his employees perform. He always worked hard himself for his own success, and this gives him an even greater appreciation for dedicated employees. Wherever Alberto and Antonio appear together today, they're pulling in the same direction. And while this maxim unfortunately may no longer be true for every family business, with the Zamperla's there's no doubt whatso.. Seite 35 online blättern

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