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Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeSeite 25: o million visitors each year, and Lightning Rod is not the only project where the park is "putting the pedal to the metal"! While Lightning Rod is indeed the park's most expensive attraction ever at a cost of around 22 million US Dollars (approximately 20.3 million Euros), it's only one part of the investment plan announced in 2013 which has earmarked more than 300 million Dollars to be invested by 2023. Any doubts about how serious Dollywood is about its expansion plans are dispelled by.. Seite 25 online blättern

Seite 1 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeSeite 35: ers are not loners. Their victories are the result of teamwork," said Alberto Zamperla in a 2006 interview. And he means it. While there's no doubt that HE is the boss in the company hierarchy, he still always combines this with a high level of respect for the work his employees perform. He always worked hard himself for his own success, and this gives him an even greater appreciation for dedicated employees. Wherever Alberto and Antonio appear together today, they're pulling in the same .. Seite 35 online blättern

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