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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 20 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeParks
attractions (cp. EAP, Issue 5/2015), this
new ride brought increased attendance
figures to the still young park in excess
of ten percent for a total of 765,000
guests in 2015.

Heide Park Soltau

attendance in excess of ten percent.
In Kolmården, this success is being
attributed to the new theme area
"Bamses Värld" which opened in 2015
(cp. EAP, Issue 4/2015). At Furuvik,
all the praise is going to the very well
received concert program. This year
the industry is eagerly awaiting the
opening of a new large-scale attraction
in Kolmården: "Wildfire" will thrill
guests as the park's spectacular new
RMC/Vekoma wooden rollercoaster
(cp. EAP News from April 25th, 2014).

is investing a total of 3.5 million
Euros in 2016. Nielsen explains, "We
were looking for a family attraction
that offers a unique experience. With
Søulken we've found a ride that is
certain to quickly become a favorite
among our guests, if the popularity of
this ride type abroad is anything to go

Finland's Särkänniemi amusement
park also registered a strong increase
in 2015 attendance figures, welcoming
a total of 637,950 guests last year
to Tampere. Park Director Miikka
Seppälä tells us that two new features
are coming to Särkänniemi this season:
a new thrill ride and an indoor activity

The investment strategy followed
by Ireland's Tayto Park last year in
expanding its range of attractions
seems to have paid off in full. The
"Cú Chulainn" wooden rollercoaster
supplied by the Gravity Group has
proven to be a real magnet for visitors.
Together with the park's other new

The industry is enjoying high
rates of overall growth

Denmark's Bakken is yet another
Scandinavian park that enjoyed strong
attendance figure growth in 2015.
2.7 million guests visited the park on
the northern edge of Copenhagen,
representing a jump of more than
ten percent. Bakken attributes this
development to the opening of its 2,500
square meter theme area "Korsbæk",
which among other features includes
five 1930s style restaurants.
Henrik B. Nielsen from Djurs
Sommerland in Denmark's Central
Jutland Region is equally happy about
strong attendance growth (up to a
total of 801,500 visitors). The Park
Director has announced a new family
ride for the beginning of the season.
The new Gerstlauer Polyp is called
"Søulken" and it will be located in the
"Piratland" theme area. Sommerland
32 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2016

Das neue 4D-Ice
Age-Abenteuer im

Fort Fun Abenteurland in Germany's
Sauerland region also registered
increased attendance and a rise in
revenues of more than ten percent.
For the upcoming season the park has
announced the opening of a new indoor
adventure world. "Fort Fun L.A.B.S.
­ Lernen, Aktivieren, Bewegen,
Spielen" (Eng: learn, activate, move,
play) is designed to motivate kids
to be active and mobile to generate
positive experiences, explains CEO
Andreas Sievering. This indoor center
is being equipped and furnished with
an interactive adventure playground
in collaboration with Playparc and
Yalp. Fort Fun is also adding two new
family rides from SBF Visa with the
Mini Freefall Tower "Crash" and the
"AirObot" Time Machine. All in all, the
park is making its largest investment
in over ten years for the new features
totaling 1.2 million Euros.
In neighboring France, growth in
excess of ten percent was registered
in 2015 by both Futuroscope (PoitouCharentes) with 1.83 million visitors
and Parc du Petit Prince (Alsace) with
120,000 guests. Having opened two

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