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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 21 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2016-LeseprobeParks
new attractions for its visitors with
the 4D adventure "L'Age de Glace,
l`attraction" and the evening show
"La Forge aux Etoiles", Futuroscope
is already planning the opening of its
next major addition in December 2016:
a new "Soarin" attraction, a Flying
Theater by Dynamic Attractions. Parc
du Petit Prince opened in mid-2014 on
the site of the former Bioscope under
new management, with a new concept
and a number of new attractions (cp.
EAP, Issue 3/2014). The team there is
delighted with the extraordinary high
growth rate in excess of 30 (!) percent
over the first year of operation. The
increase is due to the rising profile of
the new park and is now approaching
the annual attendance figures forecast
before it opened. The park's new
season starts late this March with a
new toddler's area, new kiddie rides,
a new show and a spectacular new
feature that the park's co-founder
Jérôme Giacomoni was still keeping
tightly under wraps when our editorial
deadline expired.

Many amusement companies enjoyed
attendance figure increases ranging
between five and ten percent. The
most prominent among them was
Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, which
welcomed more than 5.5 million guests
in 2015, the park's 40th anniversary,
for a new record-breaking result. CEO
Roland Mack appraises this growth
explaining "Our efforts to become an
international short break destination
for visitors staying several days are
bearing fruit. Our conference business
also grew significantly. More and
more visitors are staying for more
than just one day". Europa-Park is
currently forging ahead with plans
for an additional hotel with some 300
rooms scheduled to open in the summer
of 2018. And the opening of the long
announced new water park is set for
the same year. For 2016, Europa-Park
again anticipates increased attendance
figures and is subsequently investing
double-digit millions into a variety of
new features. One factor contributing
to visitor growth this year will surely

be the new "Ireland" theme area, the
14th European country area to open at
Europa-Park. The new children's area
is set to house a total of ten attractions
including three completely new rides
and one new indoor children's play
Other parks boasting increased
attendance figures include Germany's
Autostadt Wolfsburg (2.42 million)
which celebrated its 15th anniversary
last year, Kaisersbach, Germany's
Schwabenpark, Karls ErlebnisDörfer (a total of three million guests
at all four of its park locations) and
Switzerland's Schongi-Land. SchongiLand in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne
is planning to open a new Heege
Butterfly in 2016 to commemorate the
park's 25th anniversary. Germany's
Hansa-Park welcomed 1.4 million
visitors last year for its most successful
season ever, thanks in particular to
its 2015 opening of the new "Kärnan"
Hyper Coaster (cp. EAP, Issue 5/2015).
The theme work on the coaster is

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