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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-Leseprobe

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Selbst die Einfahrt in die Schlusskurve
sorgt noch für große Emotionen.

no sense whatsoever, while
an escalator simply vibrates
instead of functioning properly.
According to the coaster's
storyline, a comet crashing into
the earth is behind all the chaos.
The comet has turned gravity
and subsequently much more on
its head, leaving things where they
never belonged. This explains the
attraction's name: "Lost Gravity".
Thankfully, the rollercoaster
itself ­ a Mack Rides Big Dipper
coaster ­ remains unaffected by the new
gravity conditions and works perfectly.
The coaster model takes its name from
its Big Dipper carriages, featuring the
unusual mirrored-front design that has
already received so much attention.
Lost Gravity leaves the station and
is quickly transported upwards by
a highly dynamic chain lift, leaving
passengers little time to prepare for
the upcoming thrills. And the first
descent already poses the question
as to whether anything could have
prepared them anyway for the steep
track that twists under the carriages
so far that some passengers even lose
sight of it. The feeling is of a vertical
drop with the carriages additionally
completing a 180° change of direction.
Die vergleichsweise wuchtige
Schienenstruktur verfälscht die
Wahrnehmung der Höhe von Lost
Gravity ein wenig.

Verwirrung pur
bietet auch der verspiegelte
Warteschlangenbereich ...

The drop bottoms out
with a small hill giving
airtime to everyone on
board. This is followed
by a "Top Hat" with
a lean toward the
side at the top that
looks as crooked
outside from the
spectators' perspective
as it feels on the
ride ­ in a good way!
Equally unusual is the outward curve
preceding the intermediate braking
that is intentionally initiated to slow the
coaster right before the first rollover
element. This gives the passengers

plenty of hang-time upon entering
the dive loop. A few curves later they
experience a Zero-G-Roll with an extra
kick in the form of a water explosion
underneath the track coordinated
to coincide with the arrival of the
carriages. The remaining thrills on this
ride are made up of curves and airtime.
Short trains, or even individual carriages
like in the case of Lost Gravity, enable
rollercoasters to take tighter curve radii,
thereby enabling more elements to be
included in the same length of track.
This is because the passengers are
located not excessively far away from the
train's center of gravity, meaning that
the dynamics in the front and rear of the
train do not differ significantly. This is
a factor that has to be considered in the
Lost Gravity is only 680 meters long,
but the length of the ride from the initial
chain lift to the final braking feels much
longer due to the number and diversity
of special elements and the intentionally
slow tempo taken through the rollover
EuroAmusement Professional 3/2016


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