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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-Leseprobe

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Spannend und schnell ist die
Fahrt mit Flying Aces, die auch
einen sehr hohen Non-Inverted
Loop bereithält.

show elements were provided
by Holovis Media.

The Link between Formula1
and Flying Aces:

The Need-for-Speed at
Ferrari World
At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ­ the home
of Formula Rossa (with 240 km/h the
world's fastest rollercoaster) ­ this past
February 24th saw the opening of yet
another record-setting rollercoaster
from Intamin: The Flying Aces Wing
Coaster is designed to replicate the
flight of a biplane. But is it really
necessary for Ferrari, one of the most
famous automobile brands in the world,
to rely on an airplane theme at the
company's own theme park? Absolutely,
because behind the ride is one of the
original sources of the Ferrari legend,
the world-famous emblem with the
bucking horse. And long before this
emblem adorned racing cars, it could
be seen on the aircraft in the military
plane squadron of Francesco Baracca,

32 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2016

honored many times over as a flying
ace and the most successful Italian
fighter pilot of World War I. After
accumulating a record of 34 successful
shoot-downs, Baracca finally fell
victim to the war himself. His mother
approached her racecar driver idol
Enzo Ferrari a few years later, asking
him to adopt the logo as the emblem for
his racing team. Ferrari obliged, and
the iconic emblem has subsequently
marked the cars bearing his name since
In keeping with this storyline, several
yellow biplane models are located
in the attraction's outer area and
in the entrance. In contrast to the
previously more reserved décor of
the waiting areas, the entrance to
Flying Aces guides the visitors in the
air-conditioned indoor area through
features including an airplane hangar,
a military barracks, a warehouse and
a radio room equipped with a variety
of different special effects. All the pre-

Guests board one of the two
trains at the station, both in a
yellow airplane theme. Each
train can accommodate up to
28 passengers in seven fourseat rows for a total capacity
of 1,008 passengers per hour.
Flying Aces is an Intamin wing
coaster based on the Skyrush
prototype opened in the U.S.
in 2012 at Hersheypark in
Pennsylvania. All four seats in
each row are situated above
the track, with a floor below
the two middle seats and no
floor below the two outer
seats for free-flying legs. This
distinguishes this rollercoaster
model from the Bolliger &
Mabillard wing coasters such
as "Flug der Dämonen" at
Heide-Park or "GateKeeper"
at Cedar Point, where the four
seats in a row are situated on
the wings of the coasters to the
left and right of the rail.
After leaving the station the coaster
embarks out of the building onto the
1.5 kilometer stretch through a climatecontrol gate up the 63 meter high lift hill,
the world's steepest with an uphill slope
of 51°. And at over 30 km/h, this is also
the world's fastest cable lift (cable lifts
are significantly faster than chain lifts,
and are therefore particularly popular
in taller rollercoasters such as Intamin's
Intimidator 305 and Millenium Force
Giga coasters, and also the Expedition
GeForce coaster in Germany). From
here Flying Aces flies down the first drop
at a maximum speed of 120 km/h into a
flat right curve followed by the world's
highest loop at 52 meters, a non-inverted
loop with a roll instead of a rollover.
This is truly the heart of the stretch's
layout, but it will soon have to relinquish
its record to China's Hefei Wanda
Cultural Tourism City, where Intamin is
currently constructing an even higher
loop. During the rest of the ride the
rollercoaster runs through steep curves

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