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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 22 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-LeseprobeParks
the five most popular amusement
parks in the world.

Jede Menge Fahrspaß
während dieses

series. The attraction's story explains
that researchers have managed to tame
a pteranodon flying dinosaur to the
point where visitors can fly over the
"Park in the Park" suspended on the
creature's wings. This creature is The
Flying Dinosaur, and it turns out it's not
so tame at all!
Up to 32 passengers can board each
one of the three available trains,
all in a flying dinosaur theme. They
board in a sitting position like on an
inverted coaster. The trains feature
eight carriages each, all fitted with
a row of four adjacent seats. Once
securely seated, the passengers are then
tipped forward to lie on their bellies
underneath the track. As is normally
the case with reclining position
rollercoasters or flying coasters,
The Flying Dinosaur also has a twin
loading station. In keeping with the
USJ motto of bringing the best to
Japan, after the chain lift the first drop
follows with a plunge of 37.8 meters
downwards and the ride's top speed of
approximately 100 km/h. This speed
and the ride length of 1.124 kilometers
establish not just one, but two new
world records for flying coasters.
The Flying Dinosaur is also the first
prone position rollercoaster that runs
underground, transporting passengers
through the "Dinosaur Cave"
underneath the entrance to Jurassic
Park. The lowest section of the coaster
layout is in this tunnel, representing a
height difference of 52 meters between
here and the coaster's highest point at
the top of the lift hill.
Right next to the coaster, the 580 meter
long course of the splash boat ride
Jurassic Park: The Ride by Vekoma
runs through the area. This boat ride
model is comparable with Niagara
in Bellewaerde or Mirabilandia. The
38 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2016

elaborately designed water canal
runs through a research station and a
prehistoric marshland where The Flying
Dinosaur also appears to submerge with
its passengers. This section and one
other section of the rollercoaster track
take advantage of the special feature
offered by prone position rollercoasters
to twist by 180° and enable passengers
to experience sections of the ride on their
backs. All in all this coaster comes with
a diverse layout featuring a variety of
different elements such as five inversions,
including the only Immelmann loop
available on a flying coaster anywhere,
and one heartline roll before the ride
The price tag for The Flying Dinosaur
is estimated at around 80 million Euros.
USJ obtained a marketing partner for
the financing: JCB Co. is a Japanese
credit card company which has previously
supported USJ as a sponsor and whose
business activities include being the
provider of the park's official credit card.
With the opening of the approximately
350 million Euro theme area "The
Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM"
in July of 2014 and thanks to the help
of a number of successful events, USJ
managed to increase its attendance
figures by 20 percent up to a new record
of 12.7 million visitors in the 2014
fiscal year running from April 2014 to
March 2015. Executive Officer Tokuhei
Murata explains that these figures were
exceeded again in the 2015 fiscal year,
and that the company is looking to
new investments to increase the annual
attendance figures to 14 million visitors.
This makes USJ the most visited of all
the Universal theme parks and one of
Auch Universal Studios Japan
haben seit 2014 ihre Wizarding
World of Harry Potter.

As such, USJ's revenues for
the 2014 fiscal year were
approximately 1.1 billion Euros
with an operating profit in excess
of 300 million Euros. This past
March the park announced a
collaboration with video game
giant Nintendo for a new theme
area, its eleventh, to be opened for
the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The
new area is to be built for around 320
million Euros on a previous event site,
converting it into a theme area with
a wide range of Super Mario-related
attractions. For all this, the 54-hectare
USJ still doesn't constitute one-fifth of
the total space occupied by Universal
Orlando Resort. It is therefore little
wonder that USJ, already known for its
long waiting times, is pushing ahead
toward the limits of its potential growth
and capacity. This is the reason rumors
have abounded since even before the
takeover of the majority shares from
the previous licensee and park operator
USJ Co. by Comcast/NBC Universal
in the fall of 2015 (51 percent for 1.5
billion US Dollars). These rumors
involve information about the planning
and location scouting for a second
Universal theme park in the Asian

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