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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 26 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-LeseprobeWaterParks
3,2,1 ... und los geht's! Im freien
Fall durch die Loopingrutsche
,,Monsoon 360".

Sliding fun for the
whole family

Movie Park Germany, Great Britain's
Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Spain's
Parque de Atracciones Madrid are just
some of the European amusement parks
which have profited for years from their
Nickelodeon theme areas, particularly
with younger guests. This past March
the Spanish operating group Parques
Reunidos, which owns both Movie
Park and Parque de Atracciones,
announced its intention to open several
family entertainment centers with a
Nickelodeon theme in Europe in the
future (cp. EAP News from March 10th,
2016). In early February of this year
Asia also witnessed the opening of its
first theme area featuring a completely
Nickelodeon-based theme (cp. EAP
News from Feb. 10th, 2016).

On a journey of discovery
through the jungle landscape
Some 30 minutes away from the center
of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the
town of Bandar Sunway we find the
35-hectare Sunway Lagoon amusement
complex, which now encompasses 6
parks. Sunway Lagoon and Viacom
International Media Networks already
announced their strategic Nickelodeonthemed joint venture back in the spring
of 2014. The investment volume for
this move is cited at more than 100
million Malaysian Ringgit (more than
20 million Euros). 14 attractions
are housed in the four-hectare area,
which has been ideally adapted to the
topographical conditions at the park
featuring sloping terrain and rainforest.
The guests enter the lush jungle
Ein gemeinsames Erlebnis in
der Gruppe bietet der Family
Raft Ride ,,Jungle Fury".

52 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2016

landscape as "researchers" on a
journey of discovery through antique
ruins. After ascending a stairway
flanked by décor elements, the "Wonder
Steps", visitors reach the heart of
the facility and a massive water play
structure called "SpongeBob Splash
Adventure", which is surely one of
the new area's highlights. Guests are
in store for a world of fun here with
numerous elements like geysers, water
cannons, water nozzles, a large water
tipping bucket and smaller slides.
The interactive children's play area
"Splish Splash" additionally features
a number of water play elements
ensuring that no one leaves the
area without getting soaked. Those
preferring to observe the new area
from a safe height can do so while
crossing "Explorer's Trail", a 300
meter long canopy walk comprised of
several suspension bridges built by the
Adventure Rope Group.

This new area also comes with a
number of water slides supplied by
Canadian manufacturer WhiteWater
West, as were most of the water
attractions at the Nickelodeon Lost
Lagoon. Sunway Lagoon already
opened a spectacular WhiteWater West
attraction at its water park in 2013
with the massive "Vuvuzela" funnel
slide. The "Kubarango" Boomerango
slide, the AquaLoop "Monsoon 360"
featuring a starting cabin with a
trapdoor, and the "Jungle Fury" family
raft ride are three new and spectacular
rides visitors can look also forward
to. Other new attractions include the
"Moolalah Adventure River", as well
as the new double-tube slides "Cobra
Creek", "Boa Constrictor" and
"Crocodile Gully". And in early June
the park is additionally set to open its
new "Wild Chase Coaster", a water
coaster from Interlink.
Two local companies were selected
to execute the theming work, Strike
Theming & Leisure (STL) from Penang
and Fountain Design & Trading
from Kuala Lumpur. The conceptual
draft for the new area stems from the
company Fairmile Pty Ltd.

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