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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2016-Leseprobe

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EAP: But up to now we've always heard international media
reports about two parks planned in Russia, one near Moscow
and one in the Crimea. Now you're only talking about the
Moscow project...
NdV: Yes, there is just one project planned in Russia, the one
near Moscow. As you know, it is not possible anymore to set up
any project in Crimea now because of the European sanctions.
That's why I confirm that we don't have any project in Crimea
EAP: What's your take on how the work is progressing with
your Russian partners?
NdV: It mainly depends on how you approach this country.
If your only intention is to make money on the back of
others, then it'll be hard. But if you show genuine interest in
the country and its culture and history, then you really get
something back. We see this project as a cultural project, not
as a political one. We want to entertain the people. We want
the Russian people to be able to take pride in their history and
their past. The important thing is if you go to a foreign country
to create and reach something there, you have to respect their
culture. Italy, Spain, Austria and China are also countries
that are potentially interesting for us and our leisure park

EAP: I have a personal question: How is it working together
with your father at Puy du Fou?
NdV: My father and I, we trust each other; this is how we can
build something together. Because he can trust me, he gives me
free hand when it comes to the management and company strategy for Puy du Fou. At the same time, my father is very much
involved in the writing process of the scripts of our shows. And
I know that if my father was involved in writing the script, then
the show is also going to be a huge success. For his part, when
it comes to my ideas and objections, my father is very openminded and we're in constant contact with one another. There's
not a day that goes by actually when we don't communicate in
one form or another about the development of the park.
EAP: So it's a real "family business"?
NdV: Actually yes, but when we're talking about a "family
business", I mean the whole Puy du Fou family, the entire team,
from the gardeners to the technicians and the trainers to the
EAP: Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview.
(The interview was conducted by Jennifer Weiß at the end of March 2016.)

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EuroAmusement Professional 3/2016


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