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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2016-Leseprobe

Seite 19 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2016-LeseprobeParks
based in L.A., was commissioned to
help develop the creative part of the
attraction, providing them with show
production services.

SeaWorld's animal
As SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
has also announced, the concern is
seeking to be even more involved in the
protection of animals and nature in the
future and will adapt the attractions
and features at its parks accordingly.
SeaWorld is now set to wind down its
controversial killer whale shows and
replace them with a new form of orca
presentation. The "One Ocean" show
at SeaWorld San Diego will continue
until the end of this year, and the parks
in San Antonio and Orlando will also
change their programs by 2019. The
focus will switch from entertainment
to a more educational approach, with
visitors encountering killer whales in
settings that are more like their natural
environment. The existing show pools
will be converted into close-to-nature
In the long term, killer whales will no
longer live in the theme parks, and this
spring SeaWorld shut down its orca
breeding program. The announcement
of this decision has triggered a variety
of reactions internationally (cp. EAP
News, March 21st & 23rd, 2016). In

Im ,,Ocean Explorer" sollen die Besucher dann ab Sommer 2017 auf eine Unterwasser-Seereise gehen

its new partnership with the Humane
Society of the United States (HSUS),
one of the USA's largest animal
protection organizations, SeaWorld is
also aiming to increase its activities
for the protection of oceans and sea
life and to inform visitors to its parks
about these issues with corresponding
programs. "The work done by
zoological facilities like SeaWorld is
critical for the protection of animals in
the wild, especially marine mammals.
To that end, SeaWorld has committed
50 million US dollars over the next five
years to be the world's leading marine
animal rescue organization, to advocate
for an end to the commercial killing of
whales and seals and an end to shark
finning," says SeaWorld's President and
CEO Joel Manby.

Ocean Explorer ­ SeaWorld
San Diego
At SeaWorld's San Diego location,
construction work will also begin this
summer on the new, interactive theme

area to be called "Ocean Explorer". The
12,000 square meter area is scheduled to
open in the early summer of 2017. Ocean
Explorer's main activity will consist
of exploration journeys on board mini
submarines, with passengers learning
about marine life and the threats faced
by animal habitats in the oceans.
The three-minute tour will visit a variety
of underwater research stations housing
aquariums with sea creatures. The area
will additionally be equipped with the
very latest in digital technology. But
there will still be an emphasis on fun
with a Wave Swinger ride and three
other family-friendly rides. SeaWorld is
investing a multimillion dollar sum into
the construction of Ocean Explorer.
The state of Virginia's Busch Gardens
Williamsburg park is also out to surprise
guests next year with a new attraction.
The new wooden rollercoaster from GCI
will reach speeds of up to 77 kilometers
an hour and feature a 22-meter drop and
nine airtime moments for a thrilling ride

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