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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2017-Leseprobe

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The park & its main

,,The Powerpuff Girls ­ Mojo Jojo's Robot Rampage!" heißt dieser Zamperla-Air Race im Cartoon
Network-Bereich, der die Fahrgäste in gewohnter Manier durch die Luft wirbelt.

we're offering an attraction which the
residents need in the summer months, at
the moment especially families. So being
indoors definitely gives us a competitive
edge," says IMG Worlds CEO Lennard
Francois Otto in describing one of the
park's compelling USPs.
Upon entering the facility visitors
quickly recognize that a high-quality
range of amusement attractions awaits
them. Falcon's Treehouse from Orlando,
Florida was responsible for IMG's
complete master planning as well as the
design of its major attractions, the media
content of its media-based attractions and
the interior design of the F&B outlets and
the shops. Characters from the individual
theme areas greet guests in the entrance
area. The hall is divided up into four
large theme areas with a total range
of attractions sure to have something
for people of all ages and tastes. The
attractions cover everything from the
popular Cartoon Network figures for
small children to action heroes including
"Hulk", "Iron Man" and "Spider-Man"
from the Marvel brand.

Retail & dining experience
Right after passing through the turnstiles
visitors can drop off their belongings
in lockers if they so choose. Then in the
center of the park facility they enter onto
"IMG Boulevard", an American-style

Dunkle Deckenkonstruktion, Kunstlicht: In der
riesigen Halle verlieren die Besucher vollkommen
das Gefühl für die Tageszeit, denn hier herrscht
durchgängig Abendstimmung.

24 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2017

shopping avenue featuring numerous
shops and cafés. 25 retail outlets stocked
with more than 5,000 merchandise
articles promise loads of shopping fun
The park is particularly proud of its
extensive range of gastronomy facilities
featuring of 28 F&B outlets. Lennard
Otto explains further, "We have
developed more than 13 different types
of cuisines, so we have an international
menu offering to make sure that we cater
to the international audience that is
synonymous with Dubai."
Visitors quickly note that authenticity
and quality are the top priorities at the
restaurants here. Highlights include
"Chang's Golden Dragon" restaurant or
"Samosa House" where guests can also be
seated in a converted Indian bus.

Guests moving to the left along IMG
Boulevard will come straight to "The
Haunted Hotel", one of the park's
most popular attractions up to now.
This walk-through attraction toys
with guests' horror fantasies. Before
moving on through the hotel's various
rooms they are first treated to a preshow (all of the AV elements here
are from Kraftwerk) to get them in
the mood for the doom-&-gloom to
come! Throughout their stay in The
Haunted Hotel guests encounter horror
scenarios featuring theming from
A-Tech Thailand and IMG Industries,
enhanced further by live actors for
an additional fear factor. During last
year's Halloween period IMG added
even more horror features around the
park and The Haunted Hotel was a
rousing success.
"Marvel" and "Cartoon Network" are
the two major IP brands adorning IMG
Worlds of Adventure. Lennard Otto
explains, "Cartoon Network is the most
watched kids channel in this region,
plus it is aired in 194 countries around
the world ­ these brands give us a
great global audience."
The bright, colorful "Cartoon
Network" area is tailored to a younger
target group. Kids can really immerse
themselves in play at the "Lazy Town
Playground", outfitted with a Sunkid

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