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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2017-Leseprobe

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Im Anschluss an das Ride-Erlebnis können alle HulkFans nach Herzenslust im Shop auf die Jagd nach
entsprechenden Merchandise-Artikeln gehen.

with a circular simulation platform and
correspondingly arranged seats. With
this model the standard equipment of
the simulation platform includes four
degrees of freedom (4-DOF). It can
rotate on its axis ("Yaw") and can also
execute "pitch", "roll" and "heave"
movements to simultaneously coincide
with movement sequences in the film.
Optional features include a variety of
special effects such as lighting, wind,
seat vibration, odors, water and fog to
round out the experience.

main show uses a total of 18 Christie
projectors for the passive 3D stereo
projection. The projection surface itself
measures almost 600 square meters,
while the dome has a diameter of 20
meters. Ultimate Surround Sound is
provided behind the video screen by
24 full-range loudspeakers and four
Ultra-High-Power Subwoofers from
Meyer Sound.

The most distinctive and effective
difference between this theater and
other 3D and 4D simulator solutions
is in the previously mentioned circular
arrangement of the seats on the motion
platform, which make the "omniview"
possible. With CircuMotion, every single
spectator is truly surrounded entirely
by images and sound without any sight
restrictions whatsoever. The field of
vision stretches horizontally to 360°,
and vertically to 180°. In Dubai, the

The unique ride at IMG in Dubai is
housed in the "Marvel" theme area
and called "Hulk Epsilon Base 3D".
Naturally, the waiting area has also been
designed in line with the attraction's
storyline. Once they've passed through
the entrance area visitors enter a
room where a monitor shows a short
animated film training them for their
upcoming "mission". With this ride and
numerous other attractions at the park
the waiting lines and pre-show areas

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

are heavily reminiscent of comparable
rides at the large Universal and Disney
parks. As recruits on board the "IRIS ­
Independent Rescue Integrated Shuttle"
up to 100 guests per ride witness a battle
between the gigantic muscle-monster
Hulk together with his comic cohorts
against a variety of hostile creatures.
IMG Worlds of Adventure CEO Lennard
Francois Otto clearly sees
this unique new ride as one of the
favorites among the more than 22
attractions at the park: "If I look at it
per zone, the Hulk ride is a very unique
attraction that we have installed in the
Marvel world. I think the experience
is world-class and people are really
enjoying it."
The only minor quality reduction on this
amazing multimedia adventure comes
from the low brightness level of the
Hulk ride film. This is likely attributable
to the use of the polarization filters
required in passive 3D projections for
separating the channels of the lights.
However, with the synchronization of
the film sequences with the movements
of the motion base, the developers
of the Hulk ride have achieved truly
brilliant coordination ensuring an
enjoyable experience for the passengers
throughout the entire six-minute ride.
With CircuMotion® the market is
definitely offering an unforgettable ride
experience. This first installation will by
no means be the last.

we move. you smile.

© Mirabilandia

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EuroAmusement Professional 1/2017


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