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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 34 EuroAmusement Professional 1-2017-LeseprobeMeetingPoint
for individuals: Roland Mack
(Europa-Park/Mack Rides GmbH)
and journalist Tim O'Brian (read
more about this on Pg. 113).

Brass Ring Awards 2016

steckt ­ bereits jetzt sind die Erwartungen an die kommende
Asian Attractions Expo in Singapur und an die Euro Attractions
Show in Berlin hoch.
Orlando wird noch bis 2030 Gastgeber der größten Fachmesse
der Freizeitindustrie sein und ist ab 2017 gleichzeitig Hauptsitz
der IAAPA (vgl. EAP-Nachrichten vom 26.9.2016). Vom 13.
bis 17. November 2017 trifft sich die Freizeitindustrie erneut im
,,Sunshine State", zur nächsten IAAPA Attractions Expo.

Record Trade Fair Year Ends
With Great New Figures
The International Association of Amusement Parks and
Attractions (IAAPA) already established new records for
attendance and participation in its most recent trade fair
events in Shanghai and Barcelona (we reported on this in
EAP, 4/16 & 6/16). The association's latest IAAPA Attractions
Expo held last November 15th to 18th in Orlando, Florida
continued this trend and additionally set a new record. The
analyses indicate that some 35,100 amusement industry
professionals participated in this, the largest trade show ever
held in our industry to date (2015: 32,900).
A total of 1,136 exhibitors (2015: 1,066) presented their latest
developments and products in 125 different categories spread
over net exhibition space of around 53,740 square meters
(2015: 51,900). According to the IAAPA, the participants
included 22,600 "Qualified Buyers" (2015: 21,200). Overall,
these figures are a clear indicator of the continued growth of
the industry and a positive investment climate.
As always during the kick-off event, the new IAAPA Chairman
was officially appointed to office. Now that John McReynolds
from Universal Parks & Resorts has served in this role for
one year, the new 2017 Chairman comes from Disney. Greg
Hale, Vice President & Chief Safety Officer at Walt Disney
Parks & Resorts, assumes the chair for 2017. And the
IAAPA "Hall of Fame" also has two new members whose
outstanding lifetime achievements in the amusement industry
have now been honored with the association's highest award
76 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2017

Like every year, in 2016 the IAAPA
again handed out many of its
coveted "Brass Ring Awards"
in a variety of categories. Italy's
Leolandia received an award in
the "Games & Merchandising"
category for its stuffed animal
"Leo" and affiliated "LeoShop".
The "Live Entertainment Excellence" category put a smile
on the face of the Europa-Park representatives by honoring
the park with a prize for the most creative Halloween show,
"Supr'ice in the Haunted Castle". Disneyland Resort Paris
received the "Best Theatrical Production" award for its
new "Mickey and the Magician" show, while Sweden's
Kolmården Wildlife Park was honored in the "Best Social
Media Campaign" category. In the "Best New Products"
category Brass Ring Awards went to Mack Rides for the
"PowerSplash", Intamin for its "Taron" Launch Coaster and
ABC Engineering for its thrill ride, "Tourbillon". And last
but not least, Holovis Attractions received an award for its
"Augmented Reality Experience" technology.

GM & Owner's Breakfast
The "GM & Owner's Breakfast" on day two of the show had
a special European tone thanks to keynote speaker Steve
Van den Kerkhof, CEO of the Plopsa Group and Chairman
of the Board of Studio 100. Now with a turnover of 200
million Euros and a full-time equivalent of 1,000 jobs,
Belgium's Studio 100 media conglomerate and its theme park
division Plopsa are among the largest family entertainment
providers in the world. Van den Kerkhof cited the right mix of
amusement features and corresponding content, appealing to
the right target group, having the right employees at the right
location and having the right business concept as the keys to
his concern's success. The Plopsa brand currently operates
six theme parks focused around its Maya the Bee & friends
theme, and this number is set to grow to a total of ten parks
in the future.
The incredible 2016 IAAPA attendance and participation
figures have now set the bar very high indeed for 2017,
and anticipation is already high for the upcoming Asian
Attractions Expo in Singapore and the Euros Attractions
Show in Berlin.
Orlando will remain the host of our industry's largest trade
fair at least until 2030, and 2017 will also see the IAAPA
move its headquarters to Orlando (cp. EAP News from Sept.
26th, 2016). The next IAAPA Expo will take place 2017,
November 13th to 17th.

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