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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 47 EuroAmusement Professional 1-2017-LeseprobeMeetingPoint

"With three very strong trade show days", the
Gerstlauer company was among the satisfied
exhibitors at IAAPA Expo 2016. Siegfried Gerstlauer,
Andreas Simonis and Ralf Caspar (f.r.t.l.) only
rarely had the opportunity for team discussions.
"This show was very successful for us and a perfect opportunity to introduce our new product," said
CEO Jörg Beutler (2 n d f.r.). He added, "Demands were already very concrete with interested parties
knowing exactly how they wanted to use our technology."
Based in the Mexican
city of General Escobedo,
Aquakita presented a
selection of its slides
models to IAAPA visitors.
Thanks to the RTM
manufacturing process, the
slides are better protected
from mechanical abrasion
on both sides. This year,
the company delivers
kids' slides to China and
Mexico ­ an interactive
kids' slides model is being
installed in Germany.

In addition to the newest ,,Sundancer" family
attraction, Dirk Runzheimer (CEO of Sunkid-Heege,
re.) and Michael Peintner (Marketing Manager)
presented a new generation of conveyor systems
for waterparks. The modular system is available in
multiple sizes and models so it can be used for single
and family tyres ­ with or without persons on it.
"The environment chooses Dotto Trains" ­ under
this motto, the Italian company presented itself
with a special focus on eco-friendly attractions at
this year's show in Orlando. Stefano Brusadin and
Deanna Pozzobon were satisfied with the visitors'
EuroAmusement Professional 1/2017


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