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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 17 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-LeseprobeParks
& Gesellschaft zeigt. Auch wenn die
Besucherzahlentwicklung im Jahr 2016
eher von moderatem Wachstum geprägt
war, so sind die Bilanzen der europäischen Freizeitunternehmer erneut als
überwiegend positiv zu bewerten. Dies
lässt auf eine mindestens ebenso erfolgreiche Saison 2017 hoffen. Zwei Drittel
der befragten Parks prognostizieren für
die kommende Saison eine entsprechende Aufwärtsentwicklung. (JeW/PP)

Amusement Parks
in Europe Enjoy
Moderate Growth
Let's start with the conclusion:
The results of our annual survey of
amusement parks in Germany and
Europe show that last season was
characterized by a relatively high rate
of investment and positive economic
development. Most of the operators
rated 2016 as a positive year and the
season's progression as at least stabile
compared with the previous year.
Attendance figure development was
subject in large part to small, moderate
rates of growth. Nevertheless, despite
the fact that last year was largely
dominated by negative headlines
(terror, crises, war, Brexit ...), most of
the amusement operations surveyed in
2016 by EAP reported mild growth with
attendance figure growth rates of up to
five percent.

unlike 2015 which
enjoyed enormously
high growth rates,
solid results were
nonetheless achieved
on the whole in 2016.

Prognose Besucherzahlen 2017


deutlicher Aufwärtstrend
leichte Aufwärtsentwicklung

The frontrunners

Stabilisierung auf derzeitigem Niveau
Rückgang der Besucherzahlen

The attendance
figures leader is
Italy's Leolandia,
registering an
Parkreport 2016/17, © EuroAmusement Professional ­ Trade Magazine
increase of 39
percent last season.
the park will present a variety of new
Located in Italy's Lombardy region,
features, including two new large-scale
a total of 800,000 guests attended
attractions: "Le Serpent", a Zierer
Leolandia in 2016 during the park's
Force 2 Coaster, and "Atlantique Sud",
45th anniversary year. The park's
a flume ride from French company
management also anticipates high
attendance growth for the upcoming
season since new shows are set to
Austria's Familypark Neusiedlersee
begin in March and in June a new IP
was also one of last year's top
brand, which still remains secret, will
performers and vacation destinations,
be launched at Leolandia.
registering attendance growth of 21.9
percent. More than 630,000 guests
With an increase in excess of 25
were welcomed by the park in the
percent up to a total of 150,000
Burgenland region, which additionally
visitors in 2016, French theme park
opened for the first time in the winter.
Le Parc du Petit Prince in the Alsace
This year Familypark Neusiedlersee
region continues the trend from the
will present two new Metallbau
previous year, even managing to
Emmeln rides in its "Bauernhof"
set a new attendance record. Four
(`Farm') theme area, the "Gockeljagd"
million EUR is being invested by the
and the "Waldexpress". The new
park for the current season in which

These single-digit growth results,
positive as they nevertheless are, may
be a general reflection of the current
overall mood in Europe. As before,
there remains a degree of uncertainty
within society at large, with the overall
security situation in Europe playing
a major role. At the same time, or
perhaps even because of all this, people
are still insisting on taking vacations
and freely pursuing their leisure
time activities, so many are choosing
short vacation breaks in their home
country and the parks are clearly
profiting from this trend. Even though
Eines der 2016er Highlights im
Erlebnispark Tripsdrill: ,,Heißer Ofen".
EuroAmusement Professional 2/2017


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