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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-Leseprobe

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Hier können Kinder ihren Bewegungsdrang voll ausleben.

wie Skating oder Parkour ausgeübt werden können. Wie Juha Tanskanen, CEO
von SuperPark, erklärt, werden sämtliche Parks und Attraktionen von dem
Unternehmen selbst geplant ­ für die
Ausstattung der verschiedenen Bereiche
in den Parks greift das Unternehmen auf
ein entsprechendes Lieferantennetzwerk
zurück. Mit dem Ziel, jährlich etwa
150.000 Besucher begrüßen zu können,
spricht SuperPark Särkänniemi Kinder
und Erwachsene gleichermaßen an.
Aktuell scheint die SuperPark-Kette einen regelrechten ,,Run" zu haben: Erst
im Februar wurde eine neue Anlage in
Espoo (,,SuperPark Espoo") eröffnet, im
Herbst folgen zwei weitere in Kuopio
(,,SuperCorner Pitkälahti") und Hämeenlinna (,,SuperCorner Sveitsi"). Für
2018 ist die Eröffnung weiterer zwei
Parks in Finnland (,,SuperCorner Mikkeli" und ,,SuperCorner Kalajoki") vorgesehen. Und auch im Ausland stößt das
finnische Indoor-Park-Konzept bereits
auf Interesse. Die ersten Parks außerhalb
Finnlands sollen noch in diesem Jahr in
Schweden und China eröffnet werden.
Verhandlungen über weitere Expansionsmöglichkeiten werden derzeit sowohl in China bzw. Asien als auch europaweit geführt. (JeW)

Winning with Its New
Indoor Parks
Europe is currently caught in the
grip of a popular trend for indoor
recreational facilities and trampoline
parks in particular as we already
reported in Issue 1/2016 of our

magazine. Evidence of this can be
seen in the new jump-&-climb park
which recently opened in Chelmsford,
England (more about this starting
on Pg. 54) as well as in the French
"KOEZIO" concept and brand
focusing on group experiences which
opened a new park in Brussels not
long ago to join its affiliated parks in
France (more about this on Pg.56).
Aside from indoor parks operated as
stand-alone businesses, the potential
of these overtly sporty game parks
also seems to have aroused the
interest of some amusement park
operators. For example, Germany's
FORT FUN Abenteuerland has
announced the opening of a new
"Jump Arena" for the winter of 2017
(see our Park Report starting on
Pg.23). And Miikka Seppälä, CEO
of the Finnish amusement park
Särkänniemi, is also confident of his
park's brand-new "SuperPark" which
opened this past December to expand
Särkänniemi's range of attractions
to offer a weatherproof, year-round
alternative "second gate" and revenue

usual trampolines and climbing walls.
Särkänniemi set aside a budget of
3.5 million Euros to join with the
SuperPark Oy company from the
Finnish region of Kainuu and build a
unique experience on a 3,500 square
meter site in the city of Tampere.
SuperPark is the leaseholder and
operates the new park, the fifth park in
its chain at present.

"The forever natural need of children
to exercise and express themselves ­
run, climb and jump ­ has not
disappeared. So I believe that perhaps
today more than ever, this wish must
be fulfilled. Only the expectations of
children and parents have changed.
Traditional suburb playgrounds don't
meet the expectations, or they simply
do not exist anymore," Seppälä
confided to EAP.

And at the moment it looks like the
SuperPark chain is really enjoying
a run, already opening another park
in February 2017 in the city of Espoo
with more new parks planned next
autumn in Kuopio and Hämeenlinna.
And yet two more park openings
in Finland are already planned for
2018. The concept is also gaining
interest outside of Finland, with its
first foreign parks opening this year
in Sweden and China and further
negotiations already underway in
China and further afield in Asia, as
well as throughout Europe.

So naturally today's indoor parks have
to look beyond the possibilities offered
by yesterday's predecessors with the

The facility runs over two floors
and offers a wide range of activities
focusing on guests' fitness and sporting
ambition. The "Adventure Area" offers
visitors climbing walls, trampolines,
zip-lines, slides and a pedal car track
to challenge themselves, and all under
a single roof. The "Game Arena" is
aimed at families and features a variety
of fun sporting opportunities. There
is also a freestyle hall for skating
and parkour. SuperPark CEO Juha
Tanskanen explains that all of the parks
and their attractions are planned by the
company itself. SuperPark Särkänniemi
appeals equally to children and adults
and is aiming for around 150,000
visitors annually.

EuroAmusement Professional 2/2017


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