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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 34 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-LeseprobeWaterParks
Neugierige können den
schaukeligen Rutschenspaß im
Cone von oben beobachten.

since 1995 was previously located.
The development and construction of
the new slide was conducted by slide
manufacturer Aquarena's Austrian team
from Aquarena Freizeitanlagen GmbH.

From the drawing board
to reality
OÖ Thermenholding, the operators of
EurothermenResorts Bad Schallerbach,
already began planning the expansion
back in 2015 with the intention right
from the start for the slide to be designed
to fit in with the overall pirate theme.
Leading water slide manufacturers
were invited to a corresponding briefing
following an internal conception phase
at OÖ. Eurothermen Managing Director
Markus Achleitner describes this bidding
phase as a "Contest of Ideas", and in
the end the project was awarded to the
manufacturer that presented the most
convincing overall concept in the eyes
of the decision-makers. The concept
of designing the slide as an octopus
came from Aquarena, with Aquarena
Freizeitanlagen GmbH Managing
Director Manfred Schmudermayer
already presenting the design idea
during the bidding phase.

The bathing guests start off
in double-tubes amidst the octopus
tentacles in an atmospheric Black Hole
pipe featuring their selected virtual
theme. This leads them into an open
section where the passengers' mission
is to collect as many ducats as possible
before leveling off into the cone slide
section. If the bathers slide forward into
the cone the next impressive pipe section
is already in their sight. As previously
mentioned, in addition to the selected
effects this tube slide also features yet
another interactive element. Guests must
collect the gold ducat coins illuminated
as touch-points along their way through
the slide. Trying to "grab" the gold
coins lighting up on the ceiling, on the
sides and even on the sliding surface
can require quite a stretch on the part of
the bathers! The ducats have different
values and are additionally lit by RGBLED background lighting in a variety
of colors, once again depending on
the program chosen by the slider. The
number of points collected combined
with the sliding time forms the result of
the slider's "pirate booty" which is then
displayed at the end of the slide ride.

Schatzsuche in der Rutsche: Die Golddukaten
müssen ,,abgeklatscht" werden, um Punkte zu

The special challenge
No compromises were made in
creating the new tube slide. The only
restrictions were that the construction
circumstances reduced the size and
length originally envisioned for the
slide. The schedule prioritized having
as little interference as possible with
the operation's normal business. The
demolition of the old Crazy River slide
took place during a maintenance week
beginning on September 5th, 2016 when
the swimming pool was closed anyway,
and all other work was conducted at
night between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m.
After only six and one-half weeks of
construction the new 900,000 Euro
slide at Aquapulco was turned over
to the operators and opened for the
public on schedule. That's quite an

The slide elements
The new attraction combines several
slide modules and also offers bathing
guests an interactive experience where
they can select the slide program with
the interactive experience of their
choice: "Tiefsee", "Piratennest" or
"Höllenritt". This selection determines
whether the colored LED running light
rings illuminate the experience in a
calmer fashion or blink wildly.
64 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2017

Die Rutsche bietet dank Röhre,
offenem Abschnitt und Cone
reichlich Abwechslung.

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