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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 45 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2017-LeseprobeTechnologie
erste Umsetzung eines Xtreme Spinning
Coasters freuen, der sicher nicht lange auf
sich warten lässt. (VK)

Xtreme Spinning
In the autumn of 2016 Mack Rides
presented its latest coaster concept,
the Xtreme Spinning Coaster model
uniting many of the most popular Mack
attractions features and winning the
company an IAAPA Brass Ring Award
(Second Place, Best New Product
Concept 2016).
The Xtreme Spinning Coaster combines
the rotating carriages of the classic
Spinning Coaster (cp. "Euro-Mir" at
Europa-Park or "Dwervelwind" at
Toverland) with elements from launch
coasters like "Helix" at Liseberg. Late
in the summer of 2015 Mack Rides
conducted in-house experimental testing
of the intensity of the combined ride

experience featuring LSM drive and
inversions. The tests were conducted by
attaching one of the spinning carriages
to the end of the "Blue Fire" coaster
train during down-time at Europa-Park.
Various construction options for the
station that are already familiar from
other attractions mean the coaster can
be operated with either one train or two
trains for greater capacity. Changing
trains can be conducted by Transfer
Track Switch or Turntable Switch. The
Turntable Switch has already been used
in the PowerSplash prototype "Pulsar"
at Walibi Belgium. Both station models
can be used with two trains, with one
always running on the track and the
other waiting in the station for a real
capacity boost. The Turntable Switch
uses two different waiting and station
areas, which even makes it possible
to use different train and carriage
models. For example, fixed non-rotating
seats and/or back-to-back seating
can be installed, meaning that some
passengers can enjoy the entire ride

backwards! This in turn means that
different rollercoaster models or ride
experiences can be offered on the same
coaster track. Incidentally, the Transfer
Track Switch option is out to increase
capacity on the new "Star TrekTM:
Operation Enterprise" Launch Coaster
at Movie Park Germany.
Initially the Xtreme Spinning Coaster
was presented in a 35 meter tall
compact-layout version in which the
one train with the spinning carriages
was first accelerated back and forth by
LSM until the right speed was reached
for the entire track. However, the tests
on Blue Fire already demonstrated that
this concept is fundamentally suitable for
rollercoasters of all sizes and is capable
of being offered with more elaborate
layouts featuring longer tracks as well
as more launches and inversions. With
this new model Mack Rides is setting
new standards for the potential intensity
of (Xtreme) Spinning Coasters, which
have previously been seen more as pure
family rides.



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EuroAmusement Professional 2/2017


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