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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 26 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-LeseprobeWho can escape
the fastest?
Escape Rooms are booming

Foto: © Adventure Team Hamburg


Kyoto, Japan. In the meantime the
game has entered the realm of real life
with groups of two to approximately
eight players per team locked in a room
with the mission to free themselves
by solving riddles and tasks within
a limited time, usually one hour. The
imaginative room themes and designs
include everything from a prison cell
to a murder scene, a submarine, a
treasure chamber and more.

Foto: © www.escaperoomgames.de

Not all trends come from America. In
the case of "Escape Rooms" we must
look to Japan for this adventure game's
roots. But first there is the question of
what exactly constitutes an "Escape
Game". Most are actually browserMeist sind die Rätsel nicht auf den ersten Blick
Budapest is recognized as Europe's
based computer games played online
überschaubar ­ genaueres Hinsehen und Überlehotbed for Escape Rooms with the
using "point-and-click" controls. The
gen führt schließlich zum Erfolg.
continent's greatest density of Escape
player is trapped virtually in a room
Room branches, according to Dr. Eduard
and has to escape with the help of his
Maibach from the online portal www.escaperoomgames.
or her patience, stamina and logical thinking. Players make
de.By 2012 the Escape Room had also made it to western Euprogress by moving objects around in the room, triggering
ropean countries including Great Britain and Switzerland.
certain effects, finding hidden tips and solving riddles. Once
On Pg. 40 you can read about "Winscape", a current Escape
they manage to open the "locked door" they reach the next
level, which consists of another room where the next phase of Room project in France.
the game begins. This basic game concept has been around
since the 1970s in console game form and later as PC-games,
The allure of breaking free
but the online escape games only popped up around the turn
of the millennium.
But what's behind the Escape Room success that appears
to be booming across Europe at the moment? Consultant
The first real-world escape game came along in Japan in
Thomas Albertin from Vota Freizeit und Spezialimmobilien
2007, giving birth to a new trend which quickly spread
Beratung GmbH attributes the main factor to the special
throughout Asia. This adventure game phenomenon began
nature of the experience quality. By being locked up the
initially as a temporary riddle event at different locations,
visitor is immediately involved in a real-life adventure and
but in 2010 the first stationary Escape Room opened in
is subsequently involved in the game with all five senses,
in contrast to online games. Dr. Eduard Maibach even
describes Escape Rooms as an "anti-trend" to the digital
transformation we see taking place in society. Both experts
agree that along with the adventure and thrill, the act of
problem-solving and the challenge of escaping stand out
as decisive factors that catapult visitors into an immersive

Welcher wohl der Schlüssel zum Glück ist11/4/2017Escape Room lautet das
...? Im 11:49 AM
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Motto: Probieren geht über Studieren!








54 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2017

Along with the high level of immediate experience this
relatively young adventure game entails, Escape Games also
promote two other main things in "real life": team spirit and
the capacity for creative thinking. On the one hand, solving
riddles and problems collectively is welcomed, because
unlike other games the object here is not to be better than the
"competitor". And on the other hand, this game motivates
players to search for creative solution strategies and to be
prepared to discard conventional thinking patterns. The fact
that Escape Rooms appeal to a broad range of target groups
makes them particularly interesting for amusement facility
providers as well.

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