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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 11 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-LeseprobeAcht Fahrelemente auf nicht einmal 600 Metern Schiene sorgen für viel Fahrspaß, bevor
es hinter der Zero-G-Roll ganz smooth in die Schlussbremse geht.

counter" mit einschließt. Ferner wurde
dort eine neue Videowand installiert, die
die Besucher mit aktuellen Informationen versorgen wird.
Ab 2017 bietet der Movie Park Germany außerdem neue ­ jeweils kostenpflichtig zubuchbare ­ GPS-Touren,
Film-Workshops für Schüler und eine
Fan-Tour hinter die Kulissen des DauerMaze ,,The Walking Dead Breakout" an.
Zudem erfolgte eine Auffrischung des
Show-Angebotes inklusive einer neuen
Western-Stunt-Show sowie einer neuen
Tanz- und Gesangsshow. Auch das Street
Entertainment wurde um eine WelcomeShow am Morgen und eine abendliche
Farewell-Show erweitert, bevor es am
Ende des Tages wie im Film heißt ,,Cut
& Good-bye". (VK)

Star TrekTM:
Operation Enterprise
With the slogan "The only launch coaster in the world that will catapult you
into new spheres at warp speed!", Movie
Park Germany (MPG) has been building
the suspense for months about its new
2017 attraction "Star TrekTM: Operation
This Mack Rides triple-launch coaster
with reverse acceleration was granted
the only Star Trek license ever issued to
an amusement park. And even though
the speed praised in the ad slogan
above doesn't quite correspond with the
actual speed of this new rollercoaster
(after all, warp speed essentially means
light speed!), it still highlights what one

can expect: an immersive
all-round experience
from a new large-scale
rollercoaster with a unique
design. Prior to the coaster's
opening MPG Managing
Director Thorsten Backhaus
and project team member
Manuel Prossotowicz
presented the track layout of
"Star TrekTM: Operation Enterprise" in a
16-minute video filmed at the construction
site, triggering an enormous increase in
anticipation by the fans!

Here we go!
The coaster features two trains for
20 persons each, both carrying five
carriages each fitted with two rows and
two seats per row. Once passengers have
boarded, the train starts off and moves
inside the station onto a 10.5 ton parallel
transfer switch at one meter per second
to the right and almost seamlessly
switches into the launch area where the
actual ride begins. Then a first catapult
start propels them toward a roughly 26
meter tall Top Hat*). However, at this
present speed the train cannot ascend the
incline, so the train rolls backwards into
the launch section again where a reverse
LSM launch shoots it backwards and up
into a stretch of track unique throughout
Europe: an approximately 38 meter high
twisted half-pipe with a rotation up to
This is the highest element in the track
layout, and here the direction changes
again with the train moving forward
once more back through the launch
All height specifications are made by the manufacturer in
relation to the level of the station


area where it is launched a third time.
Now at its top speed of around 85 km/h
it finally overcomes the apex of the
twisting Top Hat to drop into a steep
descent downwards for 25 meters. The
train then passes through the coaster's
first two inversions: an Immelmann
loop and a heartline roll. Next there is a
100° overarching right curve and then
the train briefly runs through part of the
hall housing the attraction, "The Lost
Temple". From here three small airtime
hills follow leading into a 270° helix.
The third inversion is a zero-G roll and
the last highlight of the ride before the
train reaches the final brake on the slope
running back into the station building.
This Mack Rides triple-launch coaster
runs over four different ride levels in
all. The track elements are layered over
one another on four levels and some are
affixed to only one support in order to
keep the required space, material and
substance needs of this steel construction,
which weighs in at some 500 tons.

Rollercoaster fun
in "the final frontier"
"Star TrekTM: Operation Enterprise"
runs for 144 seconds of rollercoaster
ride fun that is unique throughout
Europe. With the switching from forward
to reverse the passengers experience a
total of 716 meters of coaster fun from
EuroAmusement Professional 3/2017


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