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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-Leseprobe

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Nach dem
geht es mit einem
steilen Drop in den
liegenden Trichter.

came to enclosing
the AquaCrater.
Daylight holes
in various colors
were worked
into the ceiling
and the flat
rear surface to
provide for plenty
of light inside the
AquaCrater. With
the right sunlight
"You have the feeling that you're in
a cathedral", says Christian Bierth,
Operations Manager at Miramar

Die Anlaufröhre lässt einen aufgrund der Länge fast vergessen, dass das Highlight noch bevorsteht ...

vestiert. Beim Bau der neuen Rutsche
hat man bereits Vorkehrungen für eine
Erweiterung um eine zusätzliche Rutsche geschaffen. 2018 dürfen sich die
Gäste auf eine Body2Racer-Wettkampfrutsche von Aquarena freuen. Diese
wird dann direkt neben der AquaRacerReifenrutsche starten. (JSch)

The First Indoor
AquaCrater Opens
Miramar, a bathing complex and
water park located in the German
city of Weinheim, originally opened
its doors to guests in October 1973.
An expansion in 2012 that included
three giant slides and the opening of a
double loop (cp. EAP 5/12) catapulted
the facility to the forefront of the

most popular water parks in BadenWüttemberg and transformed it into
a slide Mecca.
The first bulldozers rolled up in
September 2016 to make room for a
novelty in the German slide market.
Already known from the Czech
outdoor pool complex Aqualand
Moravia (cp. EAP 6/13), the AquaCrater by Jettigen-based company
Aquarena GmbH is a combination of a
normal tube slide and a giant horizontal
funnel in which bathers swing back and
forth before being led to a final pipe
at the end. The challenge at Miramar
Weinheim consisted mostly of creating
an attraction that had previously only
been designed for outdoor areas
suitable for year-round use.
In contrast to ProSlide's well-known
Tornado, a flat roof was chosen instead
of a domed superstructure when it

The start of the new "Twister" giant
slide is found up at the very top of the
slide tower at a height of 16 meters.
Sliding is only allowed with the use of
a full rubber tube. A traffic light makes
sure that only one guest is on the
slide at any one time. After the signal
turns green, the slider travels through
colorful daylight rings to the end of the
pipe section followed by a steep drop
into the AquaCrater. Here, depending
on their body weight, the sliders swing
astonishingly wide in an upward
direction and then continue to oscillate
back and forth while moving closer to
the final pipe element. This brings them
safely to the slide's exit after a total of
150 meters of sliding excitement.
With a height of 13 meters at its front
side and a width of 18 meters, the
AquaCrater rests on a solid concrete
foundation that supports the 17-meter
long fiberglass construction with a
scaffolding made of 60 tons of steel.
The colorful design of the giant
AquaCrater was conceptualized and
implemented by artist Karsten Kruse.
Two million Euros were invested into
Miramar Weinheim's new attraction.
Arrangements were already made
during the construction of the new slide
for an expansion with an additional
slide, and guests can now look forward
to a new Aquarena Body 2Racer
competition slide in 2018.
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