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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 51 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2017-LeseprobeMeetingPoint
pros to attend, because a park's
gastronomy services are an important
part of the overall experience for
guests. From sweet potatoes to healthy
organic products or high-quality
burgers, a diverse and vibrant range
of choices is important. Amusement
facility operators eagerly attended the
various exhibition stands to find new
inspiration from the exhibitors. We've
assembled a few impressions from the
popular Internorga fair for you here.

specialty company Salomon FoodWorld
presented new varieties of this gently
slow-cooked meat pulled into small
pieces. With new additions like the
"Pulled Chik'n Burger" and the "Pulled
Chik'n Sliders" snacks along with
"Pulled Pork Bites" as a finger food
option, the range of pulled meat varieties
is constantly growing.

Sweet potatoes & highclass burgers

Coca Cola's "ViO Bio Limo" product
line has now added a light version
with the introduction of "ViO Bio Limo
light" in three fruity flavors boasting
some 45 percent less sugar than
conventional sugared soft drinks. The
company has also reworked its classic
"Coca-Cola" product series. The
sugar-free and calorie-free "Coca-Cola
Zero Sugar" variety introduced in late
2016 now has a new recipe and tastes
more like the sugared original. In the
B2B sector for Coca-Cola glass bottles
new customers can now benefit from
Coca-Cola's partnership with Payback,
introducing a loyalty program awarding
attractive premiums to new business
customers collecting Payback points.
Coca-Cola is also offering viable
solutions in the hot beverage segment
for the away-from-home market. Last
year the company already expanded
the product range for its "Chaqwa"
brand coffee, cocoa and tea products.

From the world's roughly 5,000 different
potato varieties, most of which are
cultivated in South America, "sweet
potato" varieties have kicked off a new
food trend development in Europe's
gastronomy scene. Sweet potatoes were
also in focus this year at the stand of
Holland's Lamb Weston / Meijer. The
wide range of tastes and presentations
included delightfully skinny "Shoestring
Fries", "CrissCut" grated sweet
potatoes and dessert variations served
with apple, cinnamon-sugar and
But there was also no shortage of tasty
opportunities for meat lovers to discover
at Internorga. Inspired by the experts
from the world of American barbecue,
the pulled meat burger has also become
a popular trend product. The foodservice

Organic soft drinks &
craft beer

Germany's Belantis amusement park
welcomed this decision by adding the
In the section of alcoholic beverages,
a special focus was aid on handmade craft beers using highquality ingredients to create new,
unconventional flavors made with
old fashioned tried-and-true brewing
traditions. For the last three years
Internoga has provided breweries and
beer sommeliers with the "Craft Beer
Arena", a special presentation space
at the fair used by brewers including
Germany's Gebr. Maisel KG. Maisel
presented its new permanent craft
session beer "Maisel & Friends Choco
Porter" combining a variety of barley,
caramel and roasted malts with bitter
chocolate along with a delicate note of
espresso and caramel for a special beer
delight with a 6.5 percent alcohol level.

Newcomers & innovations
The Wurzburg, Germany-based start-up
Chopp & Roll Creamery founded by Mo
Shanneik and Timm Dold markets ice
cream that is pleasing to both the palate
and the eye. The company's exhibition
stand in the Newcomer Area was busy
preparing delicious ice cream rolls in
front of spectators made using milk and
a variety of different ingredients such as
cookies, fruits, chocolate and more on a
-30° C stainless steel platter.

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