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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

Seite 113 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017Am letzten Tag konnten die
Tagungsteilnehmer einen
Blick hinter die Kulissen
der neuen Attraktion
,,Voletarium" werfen, die zu
dem Zeitpunkt noch nicht
eröffnet war.

Wenn die Freizeitbranche feiert:
Für Gesang und Showeinlagen
sorgten die Unterhaltungskünstler des Europa-Parks ...
teilweise wurden die im Saal
Anwesenden auch selbst Teil
des Geschehens ...

evening with a
dinner invitation by
Mack Rides to the
park's Food Loop
Almost all of the members and
honorary members met the following
day for the association's General
Meeting in a conference room at the
park's Gazprom hall.
The reelected VDV President
Wieland Schwarzkopf closed
the meeting by initially
speaking about current
trade fair events within the
industry. He reminded the
members of the upcoming
Euro Attractions Show
in September, which had
already registered 452
exhibitors with net exhibition
space of 12,300 square
meters as of May 17th, 2017.
The discussion that followed
focused on building a new
profile for the VDV. Another
significant source of discussion at the
General Meeting was dedicated to the
topic of "norms".
On the final day of the get-together,
participants were treated to a look
behind the scenes at Europa-Park's
new "Voletarium" flying theater
attraction, which opened for the
public in June of this year (read our

Den Abschluss der
Jubiläumsfeier des VDV
bildete ein festliches
Dinner im Traumpalast
des Europa-Parks.

report on this starting on Page 26).
The anniversary celebrations for the
association brought attendees together
in Europa-Park's "Traumpalast" on
the final evening, where they enjoyed a
sumptuous meal and a variety of show
performances. Michael T.F. Pledl also
provided an entertaining look back
at the early years of the VDV in his
speech during the evening.

"Over the years we
have managed to create
a special culture in
this association with
regard to how we treat
one another. The word
`competitor' that was
used over 20 years ago
has become absolutely
foreign to us in the
meantime ­ today we
only find colleagues
here, and even better: friends. Despite
this, we are still guided in every
aspect of our business dealings by the
necessary personal respect. As your
President, this makes me proud, ­
with these words President Wieland
Schwarzkopf asked those in attendance
to raise their glasses and toast the next
30 years of the amusement industry
and its manufacturers.
EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017 113

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