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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

Seite 28 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017Parks
the first manned flight in human
history and the evidence that this event
already took place in 1825, thanks to
the Eulenstein brothers. This stands
in stark contrast to the commonly
accepted version that the first flight
was conducted by America's Wright
brothers in the early 20th century.
According to the attraction's storyline,
the Eulensteins dedicated their whole
working lives to the subject of flying
at their research institute, i.e. the
Voletarium, and ultimately created
an aircraft with which they steered
their way through the air. "Professor
Andrej Nikolajew", a member of the
"Adventure Club of Europe" like the
Eulensteins themselves, is now out to
prove this theory.
Voletarium's overall creative concept
was conceived by Mack Solutions.
Before guests enter the new building
they first pass through a large archway
leading into a courtyard. Reminiscent
of the architecture found in large,
historic municipal buildings across
Europe, guests are greeted upon
entering the building by a statue of
the Eulenstein brothers. Once they
have reached the waiting line area
inside, visitors encounter a wealth
of artifacts, utensils and research
articles decorating the pathway to
the "Laboratory", finally passing
through a total of eleven (!) rooms
altogether before they reach the actual
theater. The most important companies
contributing to the design and theme
of the attraction include Atelier Thilo
Krause and the Portuguese company
Universal Rocks.

the highlight up to this point in
the achievements of this 15-yearold media company," emphasizes
Michael Mack, Managing Partner
of Europa-Park and CEO at
MackMedia. The live action
footage was shot in 8K image
resolution and is augmented by
animated scenes. Both theaters
use several stereoscopic 3D
projectors and a high-tech 3D
audio sound system (IOSONO
by Barco) to ensure the perfectly
coordinated interplay between
the gondolas and the audiovisuals. The most important
project partner for the audiovisual components was Kraftwerk
Living Technologies from Austria.
Kraftwerk was responsible for the
technical design, the planning and
the AV integration. Multisensory
effects including wind, water and
scents (the latter delivered by
Magic Box) were also integrated
in the ceiling above the gondolas
to intensify the flight adventure.

The ride system

Die Gesamtattraktion Voletarium besteht aus einem Hauptgebäude, welches das Flying Theater beherbergt, sowie
kleineren Nebengebäuden, hier: der Voletarium-Laden.

From the initial idea to its opening,
no less than 1,000 people worked on
the Voletarium project. From the start
the project was supervised by Mack
Media, responsible for the elaborate
film footage and more in cooperation
with Ambient Entertainment. The film
for the ride was directed by German
filmmaker Holger Tappe, while the
music for the film was recorded by a
60-piece orchestra.

Once the guests have taken their seats,
the system begins to move. At this point
a half-raised curtain blocks the sight of
the room and the video screen. A wall
attached underneath the curtain is now
pushed away downwards. Compared
to similar attractions, the Voletarium
movement sequence that follows is
relatively simple. Soarin guests are
raised in their benches up into the
air; L'Extraordinaire Voyage features
seating rows attached to a single large
platform that are suddenly moved from
a horizontal into a vertical position. In
contrast, the Voletarium gondolas are
simply transported forward a bit toward
the video screen. This means that the
passengers are already positioned in
alignment with the individual levels
in the room and only need a "push"
toward the screen. From that point the
cabins move in line with the events on
the video screen showing the panorama
flight. And the dynamic 6-DOF ride
system ensures that in the future films
with even more action are conceivable.

"With this film production, MackMedia
enters a new dimension representing

Unlike similar attractions, the six
cylinders here are operated electrically,

Production worthy of a movie

28 EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017

not with hydraulics, which simplifies
maintenance according to Patrick Marx,
the Europa-Park engineer in charge.
Marx also asserts that the Voletarium
system requires less energy and is less
susceptible to wear and tear, since only
the gondolas have to be moved instead
of a platform weighing tons. As such,
it is theoretically possible to take
individual cabins out of service that are
affected by a technical defect while the
others can continue to operate.

"Flight journeys" more
popular than ever
The flying theater does indeed
appear to be in great demand on the
European amusement market at the
moment. Yet another Brogent i-Ride
is set to start up in Amsterdam this
autumn. Called "This is Holland",
this new attraction (EAP 1/2017) near
the "A`DAM Lookout" observation
tower (EAP News from Aug. 26th,
2016) is equally aimed at giving visitors
the opportunity to experience the
sensation of flying.

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