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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

Seite 31 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017Mit bis zu 85 km/h rauschen die beiden Züge über die 825 Meter lange Strecke. Auf diesem
Bild taucht der Zug gerade aus einer Höhle auf, in die er katapultiert wird.

passengers, whooshing along the 825
meter long track at speeds of up to
85 km/h. At this pace passengers are
subjected to acceleration forces of up to
4g. Passengers must be at least 120 cm
and not taller than 196 cm. The coaster
capacity is cited at approximately 750
passengers per hour.
Sommerland also chose to work with
proven partners in the development
of the theme concept and design.
The park once again joined with the
Leisure Expert Group (formerly Jora

Der Ride ist Teil eines neuen, asiatischen Themenbereichs, der
in den kommenden Jahren weiterentwickelt und um weitere
Attraktionen ergänzt werden soll.

Entertainment) from the Netherlands
with which Djurs Sommerland had
worked in recent years on various other
projects. The theming elements for the
new rollercoaster were supplied by
Danish company MK Illumination ApS.
The 30 meter high rollercoaster was
constructed on a 10,000 square meter
site that has remained largely unused
up to now, except from a few smaller
play facilities. "Our goal was to
direct the visitor streams into this area
and thereby make use of previously

untapped capacities," Park Director
Henrik B. Nielsen explained to EAP.
Over the next few years the park's
ninth theme area is planned for this
space featuring an Asian theme.
"DrageKongen" is therefore something
of a taste of things to come with the
further development of the area and
simultaneously its main attraction. It will
be joined here over the next two years by
a variety of other new family rides, while
the area's existing attractions will be
adapted to the "Wild Asia" theme.

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EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017


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