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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

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Für die
wird ein Rutschenturm im
Park gebaut.

Und um den Rutschenspaß auch für die ,,Landratten" attraktiv zu machen, entsteht im
Freigelände des Erlebnisparks Duinrell
auf dem nostalgischen Spielplatz ein 22
Meter hoher Rutschenturm (Kaiser &
Kühne). Von diesem starten drei neue
Rutschbahnen und sorgen für noch mehr
Spielspaß. (JT)

in which they swing back and forth to
the left and right up and down the slide
walls. The dark cones are equipped with
colorful lighting effects to set the proper
mood. Triton features a height difference
of 14.5 meters.

On May 1st of 2017 Tikibad opens yet
another new attraction to its existing
slide park with a Van Egdom Crazy
Cone model funnel-tube slide. The new
slide runs for a total of 162.9 meters
including the seven meter long landing
pool, making it the longest slide in the

In addition to the new slide, a spacious
children's area is also set to be
completed by the middle of 2017. At
roughly 1,000 square meters, "Playa"
will offer kids the fun of a diverse water
play structure from the Van Egdom
company. This new area will feature
attractions especially for young guests
between the ages of four and twelve,
including a variety of pipe slides, a
multi-slide and even another cone slide
called the "Body Cone".

The new slide is called "Triton", and
it starts from the uppermost level of the
slide complex. Guests sit in double-tubes
and slide through a predominantly bluetranslucent pipe. Sliders are treated to
three interruptions on their way down
the slide by diagonally positioned cones

And to ensure that "landlubbers" can
also enjoy sliding fun, a new 22 meter
tall slide tower from Kaiser & Kühne is
going up on an outdoor site at Erlebnispark Duinrell. This tower will be fitted
with three new slides for even more fun
and games!


The Cone Water
Slide at Tikibad Duinrell
Tikibad at the Dutch amusement and
vacation park Duinrell in the town of
Wassenaar is known far and wide as a
slide Mecca. True classics like the
famous cone slide "Cycloon" and the
steep turbo slide "Flits" helped spread
Tikibad's reputation beyond national
borders. The figures speak for themselves
with some 700,000 guests visiting
Tikibad every year!


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