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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

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and risk because the net width
is a decisive factor in preventing
severe injuries", according to Jörg
Prechter. Karl Köhler concurs and
adds, "Compliance with the safety
norms ensures that the child can play
in maximum safety. But we also find
it very important that a residual risk
remains, for example for things like
smaller scrape wounds".

Jörg Prechter,
Produktionsleiter und
Qualitätsmanager bei der
Berliner Seilfabrik

inspectors. He explains, "In order
to ensure that these areas also
provide the appropriate level of
safety we construct a small flat
net where sections of the network
converge. This eliminates the
possibility of a fall in the angle".

Average user sizes and reach ranges
are accepted for the mesh widths.
The definition cites a cylinder that
is 180 cm tall with a diameter of 65
cm which should not be able to fall
vertically through the spatial network
unless the impact area is comprised of
fall protection corresponding with one
of the highest possible fall positions
of the cylinder. This stipulation
notwithstanding, the maximum fall
height of three meters must be complied
with. The only exception consists of
overlapping surface networks, in which
case the maximum mesh width is 42 cm
if the networks are arranged with an
overlapping distance of more than one

network are not relevant. The fall height
must only be determined vertically to
the next network element".
Regardless of all this, the angle
of converging parts of playground
equipment also play a decisive role in
relation to safety, because an angle of
less than 55° with a height in excess of
60 cm is classified as unsafe. Because
this scenario provides a so-called
snare, it corresponds with the norm,
and this can affect the form of rope play
structures. Prechter explains that both
the frame and the spatial network are
often constructed in a platonic form
ensuring that no angle smaller than
60° can result within the cells. Smaller
angles are only located near the
suspension points where they converge
into a vanishing point. Jörg Prechter
is a Production Manager and Quality
Manager at Berliner Seilfabrik and
a member of the norm committee for
playground equipment and playground

Jörg Prechter cites the law of gravity
as the third technical safety aspect with
spatial networks. He explains, "Since
falls occurring within the context
of angled external contours of net
pyramids proceed vertically and not in
an outwardly direction, constructive
elements located outside the spatial

Spiel mi
hden Flie
kräf ten!

All that remains is the question of
who is responsible for all these points.
According to the norm the operator
has the primary responsibility for
ensuring that both the playground
equipment and the installation situation
correspond with the technical safetyrelated requirements. This also includes
a public safety obligation, i.e. the
operator's responsibility to ensure
that maintenance and inspection
are conducted on a regular basis.
Playground equipment manufacturers
however should see it as their honor
and priority, and not simply be an
obligation, to make sure the playground
equipment they supply is compliant
with the valid version of the norm at the
time of delivery. If the assembly work is
then also conducted in compliance with
DIN EN 1176, for which the individual
contractor for the respective project is
responsible, acceptance by an SPEC
inspector should be a simple matter of
course. And then the fun can begin!


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