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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

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which the popular Ghostbusters theme song is already playing.
The music for the attraction was produced by IMAscore.

Im Anschluss an die
Fahrt werden die
Besucher durch einen
eigenen GhostbustersShop geleitet.

beams" that
shoot out of the
laser proton
blasters each
guest is outfitted
with. What's
great here is that
the laser beams
also optically
resemble those from the film, which makes the whole thing
even more authentic for the guests.
The movement and dynamics of the carriage make for an
extremely action-packed ride experience. So-called pitch&-roll effects are used to tip the carriage to the front and
the back as well as tilting both left and right. The vehicles
sometimes move faster or slower as they drive through the
various sections of the ride. For the most part, the nearly
five-minute long ride seems to go by very quickly. What's
more, the vehicle also rotates ­ at one point even performing
a 180-degree turn ­ before "catapulting" the passengers
to the next projection screen. A range of special effects
including leg ticklers, onboard sound, lighting, and seat
vibration make the 5D experience complete. There are nine
vehicles in all, each of which wirelessly communicates with
the Triotech show technology.

Storyline & concept
The waiting line area for the new Ghostbusters 5D attraction
begins outside of the ride. A "Ghostbusters" Cadillac adorns
the premises outside of the revamped building, which was
formerly the home of the "Hello Spencer" show, and serves as
an ideal photo opportunity. The line is laid out in a zig-zagging
shape and leads visitors through several open containers in

What SMART Rides!

SMART rides GmbH
Ralf Caspar
+49 (0)160 ­ 9059 4546
+49 (0)2653 - 911 644

The final container that guests pass through before reaching
the pre-show area is designed as a white truck. Various
decorative elements within it introduce the upcoming
adventure. The British company Scruffy Dog is responsible
for the theming of the indoor and outdoor areas of the new
Guests are then led through a turnstile and forwarded
into a dark pre-show room. Once they are in the room,
"Alexander Lord Explorus," of whom Heide Park visitors
will already be aware from other areas within the park,
then appears on a video screen to brief the guests about the
ghost hunting adventure that lies ahead of them. From there,
visitors finally reach the "warehouse," where they already
become acquainted with a few of the ghosts while waiting in
another line area. After the 3D glasses are handed out the
ghost hunters proceed to the station where they board their
spectacular emergency vehicle.
The vehicle drives through a total of six scenes. The total
score reached by each player is displayed on a seventh video
screen along with their photo. At the end of the ride and
after returning their 3D glasses, visitors are led through a
Ghostbusters shop where they can also purchase a copy of
their ride photo. The photo system used here is from Piscolve,
who have implemented all of the other photo stations at the park.
With Ghostbusters 5D, Heide Park has created a successful
interactive dark ride that also effectively helps to fill what
had been a large gap when it came to indoor features. The
interplay between the motion sequences of the ride system,
the media content, and the interactive shooting system
produces a very cohesive experience. The attraction has been
in normal operation since the middle of May.
"With Ghostbusters 5D, I'm happy we're able to now offer
guests our third family adventure in a row and the first indoor
attraction at Heide Park. The complex technology was a
special challenge for the entire team, and that's all the more
reason why we are so pleased with the positive response," says
Heide Park Resorts General Manager Sabrina de Carvalho.

Jungle Loop
Potts Park


Potts Park

- small footprint
- self operated
- speed control by guests
- steel base frame possible
- indoor or outdoor
- Made in Germany
Inno Heege rides are exclusively
represented by SMART rides GmbH

EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017


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